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Virtual Training Department

Get a training department at par with a MNC

Enhance your employee skills and company's productivity with a training department custom made for you. Our experts use technology to identify competency gaps in your company and deliver tailored training programs online. 


How Does It Work?


Expert consultation to find out your company's training needs 


Finalise Training plan and set up of the Virtual Training Department 


Free sessions initiation, paid trainings optional on your request.


Quarterly review to measure business impact and feedback

Why Virtual Training Department?

Now is the Right Time To Invest In Virtual Training Department


If there is one investment that has consistently proven to be beneficial to a company's growth and profitability, it is training. Study after study across the world, has demonstrated the positive effects of training in improving productivity, driving growth, encouraging innovation and higher employee retention.

When it comes to employee training, many small businesses face a dilemma. They want their workers to be capable and productive, but then they also have a fear that the trained employees will leave them for larger companies’ with higher-paying jobs.

Researches across the globe prove that employees so not leave a company just for pay. In fact there is a strong co-relation between investment in training and employee retention. Companies that fail to develop their employees, could be doing damage  to morale and bottom line.


The Benefits Of Training

According to Harris Interactive poll, employees who say their company has “poor” training opportunities are more than three times as likely to leave their job compared to those whose organizations have “excellent” training programs (12% to 41%).

According to an ASTD study of over 2,500 companies, those with comprehensive training programs have:

Higher Revenue
per employee
Higher Profit
6% Higher

compared to those organizations without such formalized programs.

Great training can keep your people happier. For instance, in an ILX Group study of 100 HR decision makers, 51% reported improvements in employee morale as a key reason to conduct training. If you want your company to grow profitably, then it makes sense to invest in a formal training process.


Now setting up a training infrastructure, is simple, fast and highly cost effective. Get the training advantage of a big company at a fraction of the cost with a Virtual Training Department.

how does it work

Added Benefits Of Virtual Training Department

Apart from the obvious benefits, a VTD is a great asset to showcase to your potential employees, customers, rating agencies and lenders. It is a perfect way of demonstrating that you are a progressive company that’s invested in its future and poised for success.

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