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Do You Need A Time AND Attendance System?

A time and attendance system is a software which is designed to help employers track employee work hours, optimize working hours, maintain records of salaries paid or unpaid.  In short, it empowers employers to have full control of employee activities.

Businesses using time and attendance systems can easily track and optimize time spent in work, breaks, and can also measure result of work done, or number of items produced.  Records produced in the process become extremely handy and valuable if there is an event of tax audit.​

Time and attendance system is relevant for any size of business. A well designed Time and attendance system provides diverse tools to managers helping to manage cash flows and minimum wastage.

Since using Time and Attendance software replaces manual system,  it eliminates the need of human resources needed to maintain manual system and is also much more efficient and accurate than manual systems.

Time and Attendance solutions greatly increase the level of accessibility for timekeeping data.

Time & Attendance 



How To Select Time and Attendance Software?


Check for solutions catering to your industry and to companies similar to your size. This information can be asked to relevant vendors or it is often available on specific company websites.

If you have a mobile workforce, look for a time and attendance system, which allows entries from any location using mobile, tablet or web browsers.

Anywhere access
User Friendly

User friendliness is generally examined by number of clicks to perform a transaction, estimated time to learn the software, navigation aids such as Shortcuts and Favourites etc.


If nature of your business or your country’s Labour Acts require you to maintain detailed timesheet records, then look for features like automated reminders, alerts which can prompt employees to update their time records on time and in detail.

Payroll Integration

Payroll integration refers to the process, where timesheet data can automatically be transferred to company’s payroll system.

If your company has a payroll system in place, its advisable to choose a Time and Attendance system that can be integrated to your existing payroll system.


It will save time and efforts of manually entering the timesheet data to payroll system.

Biometric technology is commonly used in popular time and attendance systems and it uses technology to verify identity of a person using retinal scans, fingerprint analysis etc. It helps reduce time-frauds deliberately done by employees.

Biometric Verification 

Best bets for Time and Attendance Systems

Best Overall for SMEs

Cost : 

Starts from $4/M per employee     

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
S, M, L
Deployment :
Ease of Use : 
Customer Service : 
  • Cloud based time clocks.

  •  Mobile website. 

  • Slightly high initial setup fee.

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Manages paid time off.

  • Integrates with 60+ payroll services.

Best for Medium and Large Businesses

Cost : 

1 User: Free for 5 projects and $8/M for unlimited projects

2-99 Users:  $16 base/M+$4 per user/M

100+Users: $80 base/M+$4 per user/M                           

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web Browser, iOS, Android
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Punching can be done via computer, phone, text message, twitter etc.

  • Notification alerts via email, sms and twitter.

  • Real-time tracking of who is doing what.

  • Clear pricing modules with no hidden costs.

  • 14  day free trial.

S, M
Cost : 

Different membership plans Starting from $18(1 to 9 employees)             

Features : 
Platforms : 
Web browsers, Smartphone, telephone
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Unlimited Employees and Departments.

  • Integrates with all Popular Payroll Software.

  • Robust Time and Attendance Reports and Functions.

  • Web-based – No Software to Install or Maintain.

  • FREE Lifetime Support.

  • Quality customer service.

  • Doesn’t offer a free trial period.

Micro, S

Best for Micro and Small Businesses

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring Time and Attendance Systems that you should definitely consider. They have features or special

deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

Showcase: Our full list of time and attendance systems


The SaaShr is an HR solution offered by SaaShr, a Kronos Company. As mentioned on website, SaaShr enables users to leverage one interface and one user experience across all of its private label model workforce management applications including Human Resources, Payroll, and Time and Labour Management. 


TimeAttend by Replicon, is a cloud based time and attendance system, which allows tracking time of any employee type, and managers can access reports and all the information on time and attendance that possibly needed.

Synerion Software

Synerion Inc. provides workforce management solutions which are divided into modules such as; Time and Attendance, Staff Scheduling, Labour Costing, Business Intelligence etc.  Synerion’s Solutions can be deployed on premise or through cloud.  Employees can use different type of devices to log hours.


TimeClick is a product of Hawkeye Technology, which is more suitable to small and medium size Companies.  TimeClick is on premise type software and is not based on cloud; therefore there are only one time charges associated to this. Offerings come in 3 different packages considering the needs of different type of purchasers.


Emplotime is a cloud based time and attendance system. It allows employer to create new employees and also authorize any computer, mobile phone or tablet for being used as time clocks for company. Employees then can use these devices to Clock-In and Clock-Out.  Emplotime is suitable for small businesses across all industry types.


NOVAtime offers software suites including Time and Attendance, payroll, Leave Management, Employee Scheduling, etc.  NOVAtime’s workforce management solutions offer features such as automation in routine procedures and tasks, optimized shift and pay rules and easy interface for creating labour cost reports.  NOVAtime is completely cloud based and is suitable for companies of all sizes.


Acroprint's AcroTime is Web based, easy to use, and cost effective solution. AcroTime offers features such as clear and consolidated companywide views of employee attendance, configurable control system rights, and easy management of pay rates, job costing and other categories.

AcroTime solution caters to the needs of any size of businesses.

Kronos Workforce Ready

Kronos Workforce Ready is great for small businesses.  It’s a cloud based solution, and it fully automates time and attendance information, can manage different employee types and can also track employee location. Clock-in and Clock-out can be done on variety of devices including time clocks, computers, laptops and mobiles. Also it can be integrated with other Kronos Workforce Ready applications like payroll, human resources, and tax solutions. 

ADP Small Business Time and Attendance

ADP’s Time and Attendance system is web based and suitable for small as well as very big size corporate houses.  It supports collection of time and attendance information for employees in variety of ways.  This software can also be connected to payroll and other solutions where it directly calculates relevant information and sends data. 

ClockIn Portal

ClockIn is cloud based, easy to use and costs just $4 per employee per Month. Employees can view their timesheet records anytime anywhere and Supervisors also can access current and previous timesheet records of employees.

In order to prevent fraud, supervisors can create pre-determined access points at different computers and networks, and then optionally can force employees to clock from Access Points only.

Advance Systems

The Mitrefinch time and attendance system by Advance Systems offers on-premise as well as cloud based solutions, which can be accessed through desktop, landline or mobile phones.  Employees have the option of being able to access their schedules. There requests can be approved or denied by management.  Additionally it can interface with many leading payroll systems, and advanced analytics and reports are available with the touch of a button.  The information stored by the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance System is available for up to 98 years.


Nortek's Workforce is a cloud based solution. The system tracks time in and time out by Web based, card based or bio clocking devices.  Solution secure, multilingual, global (can manage complex global organizations) and is scalable enough to serve 50 to 50000+ employees.  Also it integrates with the majority of payroll providers. 

All Hours

All Hours is a Web based, anywhere, anytime time and attendance system, It has wide selection of clocking methods including wall time clocks to mobiles.  Data entry by employees and management is supported by geo-location which is then transferred to cloud.  All information is available and up to date and can be integrated with payroll easily.  Data can be exported with a single click.


EmpCenter is a product of Workforce Software and it is a cloud based Time and Attendance solution, suitable for the needs of large and growing businesses. In addition to capturing time and attendance data, it also captures labour data and helps automate complex pay rules.

Attendance Enterprise

Attendance Enterprise is a product of Advanced Time Management, which is a leading name in employee time management systems.  Attendance Enterprise offers both on premise and cloud based solutions (Saas model). Both the products are enriched with advanced time and labour management features. Advanced Time Management offers integration services with payroll, HR and security access.


Clockspot is web-based and allows several options of clock in, from any web browser, or from phone.  Also clock in and clock out locations of employees are tracked. Employers can enter time details and can also make amendments. Also as mentioned on its website, Clockspot, also is able to track earnings, deductions and reimbursements; manage overtime and run payroll reports. 


FingerCheck is a time tracking solution designed to serve small to medium size enterprises.  FingerCheck has number of advanced time tracking features which help manage workforce effectively. With the permission of employers, employees can check their reports, access their timesheets, make time off requests and can manage their schedules.

Hillman Time Systems

TimeTrack suite from Hillman Time System’s helps automate functions like time clock data collection, employee scheduling, review, payable hours, and approval processes, which facilitates easy transfer to the payroll.  It uses a unique method of time card/sheet editing, where every punch is represented as a piece of puzzle or as an easy grid view.  It provides a better view to supervisor and editing can be done in 1-click. 

AMG Employee Management

AMG Employee Management offers several services and products, related to time and attendance. Apart from regular offerings, AMG Employee Management also provides customized employee time and attendance solutions.   Its web based and mobile based solutions extend business’s flexibility and propose time tracking alternatives.

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