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We offer the full range of services required by international small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to successfuly expand in to the Indian market. Whatever be your India plans, we have the resources and the expertise to make them happen.
What would you like to do today ?

I want to understand the potential of the Indian market and test if it is right for my company and products

I want to promote my product / services to Indian companies and need help for India sales

I want to find a partner / distributor / supplier or want to establish a legal presence for my company

Evaluate the Indian Market 

Market Research

Our team of research consultants and expert analysts conduct qualitative and quantitative research to help you understand the current market dynamics and future developments.


We give you a detailed report and presentation of your prospects in the Indian market.

Run Surveys to Answer Your Questions

Have a question about the needs of Indian companies, need to have a customer perspective of your product or service? Our survey service gets you the specific information you need. We will identify, connect and engage the defined target group and comeback to you with the answers you need in the form of a descriptive and graphical report or a presentation.

Business trip planning and facilitation

Connect with us to set up a productive itinerary to evaluate the Indian market.


This includes details of potential companies to meet, trade fairs to participate and on the ground support with logistics.

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Promote Your Products or Services

Lead Identification

Based on your business specifications, we will identify the Indian companies that are most likely to be your customers. The details of these companies will be shared with you.  You could validate their business potential and let us know which among them are a good business match. We will provide you with the names and contact details of the senior executives and decision makers in these companies.

Run Your Campaigns

Just send us soft copies of your marketing materials and we will make sure that they reach your target audience. We can print, post your mailers, email and can run contests to raise your brand awareness. We can identify the best trade publications and events to advertise your products. Run campaigns in India just the way you would run them at home.

Full Service Marketing Support In India

You can start selling your products and services to companies in India without even a presence in the country. We will act as your local business development team, implement your marketing strategy, participate in tradeshows, answer preliminary queries, and transfer qualified leads to you.


We can also provide you with dedicated manpower to exclusively promote your company and act as member of your team.

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Find a busines partner, vendor or supplier in India

Partner identification and audits

Identify potential partners from India for your products and services and give you comprehensive details about the companies.


As an additional service we can run annonymous or permission based audits to provide you a detailed report about shortlisted partners.

Meeting Faciliation

We can distribute and manage Requests for proposals (RFPs), Set up and conduct workshops, Contact partners to gauage their interest, and set up initial meetings.

Legal Facilitation

Legal expert review to make sure your legal agreements are in compliance with Indian laws and regulations.

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Set up and operationalize a legal entity in India 

Entry Strategy Planning

We can guide you about the various options to set up a legal presence in India and help you select an option most suited to your needs.

Set up and Compliance

Full service to set up the legal entity of your choice, obtaining regulatory approvals, managing operational needs like office space and bank accounts. 

Management Consulting and staffing

We offer management consulting services, including interim management, initial staffing and on-the-ground operational support.