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Partner Program

Expand your business with a steady lead flow 

Be a SME partner


Connect with India's SME Universe in a very special way 

Highlight  your products and services 
Offer confidential special deals through us
Get bulk customers through special campaigns 

How does the partner program work? 


Telephonic or in person contact to determine fit


Agree on products & services to include. NDA if required

Decide special offers and/or referral fees

Agreement signoff, process integration and activation


Joint marketing and promotional activities   

Build A Rewarding Partnership with SME MaXX


Direct exposure to a large community of SME's & their employees

Exposure & Convenience


SME MaXX rewards help you to score over competition

Overcome Competition


Recognition as a SME friendly company. Special promotion campaigns

Loyalty and Image

Expand your business with a steady lead flow

It is not  just about the obvious things like software, HR and marketing products, SMEs and their employees consume a variety of products and services, talk to us to know more 
Real Estate, Furniture and Offices
Travel, Hotels and Tourism 
Luxury goods and Premium brands  
Business fashion and Jewellery
Cars, Logistics and other Automobiles 
Cell Phones, Laptops and Electronics
Healthcare, Hospitals and Wellness
Celebration Essentials and Surrogate Ads 
Software, Technology and Apps
Banks, Investments and Financial Services 
Let us discuss how SME buying power can boost your sales