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SME MaXX Secure

Sum Insured :  5 Lakhs
Premium :  Rs.
109 / yearly
Age eligibility 18-65 years
Personal Information
Address Information

Is the above address same for permanent address.


1) Have you ever been diagnosed with or are you under treatment for any disability/deformity (Impairment/infirmity/condition hampering vision, hearing or mobility) or any terminal illness or any illness or disease causing restriction to activities(Eg Epilepsy or Seizures)

2) Has any company ever declined to issue/renew a Personal Accident policy for any proposed? If yes, please provide details

3) Does your job require you to be involved with any hazardous activity, significant manual labor, operating heavy machinery, handling hazardous material, working at heights/underground/construction sites, oil rigging, high voltage, high temperature, working in aircrafts or sea-going vessels or adventure sports or armed forces?

4) Do you have an existing personal Accident/Health Insurance policy with Religare or any other Insurer

Occupation Class Info

Occupation Class 1: Employees without exposure to manual work outside Office (Admin/Finance and Accounting/Sales & Marketing/BPO/IT/Actuaries/Audit/Operations/HR/R & D)

Occupation Class 2: Professionals without exposure to manual work outside Office (Academicians/Healthcare/Legal/ Consultants/Architects/Engineers/Real-Estate)

Occupation Class 3: Technicians / Mechanics (Except Heavy machinery Operators/Electrician/Nuclear and chemical Lab Technician)

Occupation Class 4: Business owners (Excluding Chemical, Arms and Ammunitions, Explosives, Fireworks)

Occupation Class 5: None of the above, needs to be filled by customer, If filled case to be assigned to UW

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