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SME Scheme Finder

Just 5 Minutes for Great Benefits

Governments, International Organizations and Large companies spend billions of dollars each year to provide schemes for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. Scheme finder gets them to your inbox or updates you on WhatsApp.


Register now to get information about Government schemes, Subsidised loans, BharatCraft, Special Procurement, Free marketing funds, Free trade fair tickets, Free software as soon as they are available.


Please enter as many details as possible for accurate feedback. Do it now, it takes less than 5 minutes to register. 

Name of the company :
Have you registered as a MSME with the government?
A few details about your company and the ownership:
a)  Your Annual Turnover:
b)  When did you start your operations?
c)  Type of company?
d)  Are you a woman owned company?
e)  Are you eligible for benefits under National SC-ST – HuB
f)  Do any of your directors have a foreign citizenship?
g)  What is the address of your registered office?
h)  How many employees work for you?
Details about your business:
a)  What Sector does your company operate in? 
b)  Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
c)  What is the main product of your company?
d)  Do you currently export? 
e)  If NO are you looking to export?
f)  Do you sell to the government via e-marketplace?
g)  Do you need any low interest or subsidized loans?
h)  Do you require any invoice or bill discounting services?
i)  Are you looking for equity investment in your business?
j)  Do you operate in a priority area or are creating social impact?
k)  Are you open to grants or charitable funding?
Business Offices
Details about your business goals:
1)  Are you in interested in technology up-gradation?
2)  Are you interested in quality certification?
3)  Do you need any marketing assistance?
4)  Are you interested in tie ups /collaborations with foreign companies?
5)  Do you need support with procurement? 
6)  Do you plan to participate in any trade fairs in India or abroad?
7)  Are you interested in digital export promotion?
8)  Are you interested in free or subsidized software to enhance your productivity?
9)  Do you want a free or subsidized website?
10)  Are you interested in Managerial or skill training of your staff?
Please any mention any of  your Specific Goals and Needs not covered above:
Let us know who needs to be informed about opportunities for your company:
Name :
Email :
Cell Phone :
Designation :

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