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Kishore's property value has now increased. He has been paying EMIs regularly. Kishore is now in need of a loan for a family function.
SME MaXX banking partner takes over loan at 1% lower rate and gives a Top Up loan of 10 lakhs at a low interest.
Meet Kishore, he  has recently benefited from an interest rate reduction.
Kishore had taken a home loan 5 years back at a high rate of interest (Anything above 9.5%, reducing interest is high)
Kishore gets double benefits. He saves over 15 lakh rupees/crore on his home loan. He makes further savings by also getting a Top up loan at lower interest rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is a home/Property loan balance transfer a good idea?

Balance Transfer loans help you pay off an existing home loan by availing a new loan from another lender institution. 
Home loan transfer makes financial sense when:

•    You have a loan with a rate of interest higher than current market rates;
•    You have a loan with a floating rate of interest and you want to reduce risk by going in for a fixed rate of interest; and
•    You want to improve your cash flow by lowering your EMIs.

Q. Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer?
Yes. The maximum balance transfer amount is equal to the outstanding amount of the home loan. Your credit score and history would play a key role in determining your eligibility for the home loan balance transfer.

Q. When a home loan balance transfer is NOT a good idea?
It is not advisable to transfer your home loan when:
•    You have been repaying the loan for a long time
•    Your current bank has a prepayment penalty and
•    You are planning to move out of the property in the near future.

Q. Will there be any prepayment penalty?
Whether the bank charges pre-payment penalty or not, depends entirely on a case-to-case basis.

Q. Will the bank I transfer my home loan to consider the evaluation of my eligibility done by the previous bank?
No. Any bank you transfer your present home loan to shall judge your eligibility for a loan starting from the first step, from you filing an application, that is.

Q. How much time will a bank takes to transfer my loan?
It might take 15-20 days for the loan to be transferred as the entire loan process is repeated again by a new lender. 

Q. If my credit rating has dropped since I availed the primary loan, will it affect my loan transfer?
Yes. Because the bank you transfer the loan to starts the loan approval process right from the beginning, a low credit rating will impact your chances negatively.

Q. What documents will I need for the loan balance transfer?

KYC documents: 
•    Identity proof for all applicants (PAN card copy)
•    Address proof for all applicants 
•    Photographs (Signed across) for all applicants & joint applicants. 
•    Signature proof for all applicants 

Other documents: 
•    RTR / SOA for existing loans 
•    Date of birth proof 
•    Property documents 
•    Processing fees Cheque 

Income documents: 
•    Salaried
Latest 3 months salary slips along with bank statement showing salary credit 
2 years ITR/ form 16 

•    Self-employed 
Last 6 months bank statement 
Latest 2 years ITR + Computation + Financials with Audit report 
Business entity documents:  MOA/ Board resolution/ Directors list/ Partnership deed/ Letter of authority/ Business registration details.

* For balance Transfer, list of property documents submitted to existing banker and principal outstanding letter (foreclosure letter) needs to be presented

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