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Businesses using Recruiting software value time and understand the importance of better hiring decisions.

Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software

Businesses using Recruiting software value time and understand the importance of better hiring decisions.


Do You Need A Recruiting Software?

Recruitment Software is helpful for every organisation – whether they recruit in-house or outsource recruitment to a staffing agency.  Reason lies in the fact that, it’s never black or white – outsourcing or in-house? Most of the times it’s a combination of two.

Having access to recruitment software can enable HR to create visibility and collaboration with the rest of the departments or in general with business irrespective of, who eventually is conducting the candidate sourcing and coordinating interviews etc.  In fact recruiting software can enable HR to organise their communications with their recruitment agency, which helps in saving significant time and smoothens recruitment process.

How To Select A Recruiting Software?

First step

Identify most popular and useful features available in any recruiting software. Some useful features are listed below:

  • Ability to access comprehensive information about an individual’s previous occupations.

  • Maintain historical records for applicants.

  • Automatically extract data from resumes and store it in database.

  • Keep up with each applicant’s submissions for various job openings.

  • Match appropriate candidates with available jobs, based on records.

Second step

Make a checklist of all the features you need base on your requirements. Now, divide these features into ‘Must have’ features and ‘Should have’ features.

Use this list to research and shortlist softwares and finally select the closest match having most of ‘Must have’ features, may be few ‘Should have’ features and price suiting your budget.


Best bets for Recruiting Software

Best Overall for Small Businesses
Cost : 
Starting from $39 per month($390 annually)                         
Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
S, M
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • low cost and simple pricing plans.

  • Job ads can be posted to popular job sites, company website and social media from one place.

  • Quick reposting of jobs without following entire process again.

  • Customer support available even in lowest plan without extra cost.

Best for Executive search recruiting
Cost : 
Starting from $109 per user/M                           
Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • All-in-one software includes CRM as well as Project Management software.

  • Powerful search tool called “Research Zone”.

  • Affordable and flexible pricing.

  • Flexible, customizable and scalable.

Best for Free
Cost : 
Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser,  iOS,  Mac,Windows,Linux
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Free but full of features.

  • Free and customizable job-board.

  • No live customer support.

  • Limited number of job boards to post jobs automatically.

S, M, L
On premise / cloud
Cloud / on-premise

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring Recruiting Software that you should definitely consider. They have features or special

deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail


Showcase: Our full list of Recruiting Software


JobDiva is an applicant tracking and recruitment workflow system and process delivered as a service through the Internet. JobDiva integrates information from job boards and vendor management systems, creating a true competitive advantage for businesses. No term contracts guarantee flexibility and peace of mind for clients. JobDiva clients receive customized training, ongoing client support and new feature enhancements, all at no additional cost.


Hyrell is an Applicant Tracking System having useful features for efficient and effective online recruiting and hiring. Features include automatic job posting to job boards, Applicant tracking, Engaging with Applicants from Day 1, Hiring Analytics & Reporting, Customizable templates and more.


Jazz was previously known as Resumator. Software includes both ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and performance management tools. Apart from regular recruiting functions, Jazz provides features like Customized Recruiting Workflows, Interview Coordination, and Employer can attach automated follow up emails or rejection letters to recruiting stages and can configure stages to assign new tasks to team members automatically.


Jobvite consists of a suite of recruiting tools which include Jobvite Engage, Jobvite Refer, Jobvite Hire and Jobvite Platform. It helps employers to efficiently manage entire hiring process and also it offers many innovative and social features, in addition to what any traditional Applicant Tracking System provides.


PeopleFluent  simplifies  and  assists  in Timely  acquisition  and  induction  of  talent  with  innovative  inbuilt  features  like  embedded  video  platform. It  helps  talent  acquisition  teams  to  easily  create  and  post  media  rich  questionnaire  for  screening,  company  overviews,  employee  stories,  hiring  manager  introductions  and  other  videos.  Further, features like Social collaboration workspaces enable fast sharing of knowledge and information for recruiters and hiring managers, thereby increasing productivity and facilitating swift completion of candidate review process.


An  amalgamation  of  Applicant  Tracking  System  &  Customer  Relationship  Management,  Jobscience  offers  a  sustainable  competitive  advantage  for  recruitment  organisations.  Jobscience  is  built  on  leading  cloud  platform, and offers  reliability  and  data  security  along with  commitment  to  social  and  mobile  innovation.  The  PowerSearch  feature  greatly  broadens  and  enhances  the  usability  of  an  internal  ATS  and  CRM  database.

PeopleMatter Hire

PeopleMatter Hire provides built in application tracking and efficient screening tools to help take better hiring decisions.

Additional offerings include completely paperless hiring process, job board integration, a custom career site and a Facebook app, tracking and storing of on boarding paperwork and to dos online etc.


Bullhorn Reach is social recruitment platform empowering companies to leverage social networks to search and hire best talent in faster and reliable manner.  It offers features helping companies to market open jobs in different social networks,  Companies can also discover passive candidates, empower and motivate it’s employees to participate in recruiting process to help recruit the right talent, all this with minimal efforts delivering maximal results.

Also Bullhorn can be integrated with Gmail and Outlook, making it most productive.


Encore, by Cluen, is advanced recruiting software, designed for executive search. Encore enables searching information about potential candidates at various social media platforms.

Its powerful dashboard, can centrally handle applications, searches and other recruitment related activities.

Also as mentioned on its website, Encore’s Clipper feature lets import and cross reference key emails with candidates and clients. 


Greenhouse helps optimizing entire recruitment procedure in an organization and can help reaching out to better matching potential candidates, design interviews which are more focused, and make better hiring decisions based on data.

In addition to basic features, Greenhouse works on available data and information coming out of recruiting process, and analyses it for improving the hiring process.


Formerly known as Zartis ATS, HireHive comes with exciting offerings where recruiter can post jobs to free job boards, and to various social media networks and can also manage all the candidates centrally. Using HireHive, it’s possible to customise candidates experience based on location, which means candidate in Berlin, have the application form in German. Also HR manager can manage candidate pipeline with ease.


HireMojo simplifies the lives of hiring teams by making it significantly easier to find and make a great hire. HireMojo is industry's pioneer in offering automated hiring solutions.  It effectively automates entire hiring process starting from job description to interview questions to job advertising to finally selecting the candidate and later on managing them.


Recruiterbox has a clutter free and easy to use user interface and it offers features which make hiring process simple and optimized. Software provides single place of control for functions like posting jobs at different places, managing candidates, assigning recruitment related responsibilities to team, collaborating with colleagues etc.


Workday Recruiting is a mobile recruiting app designed for recruitment on the go.  It helps recruiters perform their job freely from anywhere. With workday recruiters can identify right candidates irrespective of candidate being an external candidate or internal employee, can analyze trends of demand and supply in recruitment, and can identify gaps to take better decisions.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit streamlines the process of Sourcing, Tracking and Hiring by helping clients setup their team and interact with them to hire whose best. Also, Zoho facilitates learning from reports and different charts. Most importantly, Zoho Recruit can be customized as per the need of individual business    for example, add custom fields, custom status, etc.

Additionally Zoho provides one stop view to look at all the activities that happen in the hiring process, This helps the human resource professionals who work in different time zones.


ZipRecruiter manages Applicants and jobs at one place making it easier for hiring managers to understand the status. It offers features such as job posting to 100+ Job Boards with one click, integrated social network postings which can reach potential candidates on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Recruiter can also ask real world questions to quickly identify qualified candidates. ZipRecruiter also provides recruiters with a hosted company job page to be used as career link on website, which uses company branding.


SmartSearch provides an easy to use solution which handles both talent acquisition and staffing management. As per its website, recruiters can post jobs on different job boards, easily manage applications and emails, perform background checks, generate on boarding packages, save hiring data, customize workflow, integrate with other service providers, and support best practices.

The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager (or TAM) is cloud based, easily scalable, intuitive and easy to use software. It is easily customizable and integrates seamlessly with the brand and company’s recruiting practices. Offerings include email templates, custom workflows, custom fields to track any data, pre screening questions etc.

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