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Internships and Consultant hiring

Our connects with the top Internship and flexi-staffing portals give you rapid access to temporary manpower and high quality expertise. Use our screening tools to save your time and access the right people 

Recruit interns for up to 3 months as per your short term requirement or hire interns for assignments that can lead to permanent employment with your company. Get started with a package of your choice

Seasonal and Pre employment Internships

Recruit Interns

Get access to skilled consultants, experts and project-based resources from across the world. Get help in drafting role descriptions and in defining a measurement and fee structure. Select a package to start

Get the high level expertise you need

Recruit Consultants

Let pre-qualified consultants bid for your projects. Define deliverables and pay only for work done. Get help in drafting project descriptions and in defining appropriate budgets per project

Get the work done, at a fixed cost

Outsource Projects

Choose from three packages to access top talent 

Free Service

List your requirements on SME MaXX and our 

social media

Talent Portals

 List through us on leading portals and get member benefits

Premium Service

End to end recruitment management by a trained HR professional


Post your project or role description

Thank You for your interest. We will call you soon.

Top sectors we serve

Financial services consultant
Pharma and Lifesciences

Benefits of premium service:

  • Recruitment can be a very intensive and time consuming process. Expert help can take load off your back, saving you time and helping you select quality talent. 

  • The expert will help you with creating a role description, screen and shortlist candidates as per your requirement and assist you with the interviews and negotiations.

  • Once the selection is completed, the expert will help you with contracts, background verification and other documentation.

  • Affordable packages tailored to your unique needs.

Top tips on Intern and consultant recruitment:

  • Create a clear project description or job description

  • Mention the start date and total duration

  • Mention other related requirements like experience, qualification, specialisation etc

  • Mention the location and if the role is flexible, home based, office based or in the field

  • Mention the stipend and consulting fees you can pay

  • Mention the number of interns  or consultants you want to hire

  • Internship recruitments are seasonal and need you to plan early. Have a strategy to hire interns for your organisation

Consultants or contract staffing:

Recruit experienced consultants for a project or on monthly/yearly basis as per your company need. We help companies wanting to hire people on contract by connecting them to number of verified placement companies at one place. You can work directly with our placement partners or you can take our premium package.

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