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How To Select A Project Management Software?

Needs Analysis

Plan a software procurement project wherein you clearly cite the objectives, scope, deliverables timelines, and platform for selection of the software.

Evaluate Software Vendors

After your requirement list is made, shortlist and send a RFP (request for proposal) to each vendor shortlisted; interview them, setup product demos. Select the one which caters to your work domain specifically. Also, make sure vendor provides training to your employees and has good support and knowledge base available.

Defining Requirement

Find answers to questions like who will be using this software? What purpose will be achieved using this software? What features are you looking for? How tech-savvy is your team? Do you need it for on-site and remote teams or only local?

Get references from the software vendor

Ask your software vendor to provide at least three references. Cross-check with references as to how do the software performs? Any major problems? Did they require customizations, and how was vendor’s after-sales support?

List of Required Features

Prepare a list of “must have” features. For example, local install or cloud based? Mobile support required or not? Customizable? Scalability?

Some “must-have” features may be – Easy user interface, Budgeting, Time tracking, Invoicing, files sharing, emails integration, reporting, issue tracking, Gantt charts, task management, resources planning, alert generation, backups, and community support etc.


Look closely at the price of the whole software and its services. Choose wisely keeping the features in mind.


Find-out, security related features to protect company’s internal data. Also, how does the application maintain data integrity and backups on timely basis?

Trial of the Software

Ask the vendor to conduct a brief trial using your data to confirm their system’s suitability. This process will make you aware of how to run the software, its intuitiveness, and its functionalities to the full extent.


Do You Need A Project Management Software ?

Project Management Software provides a solution to organize business processes for small to large businesses. Project Management (PM) is a methodical process which covers planning and guiding project phases from beginning to the end i.e. initiation, planning, execution, controlling and sales.

All projects need people to come and work together in groups and focus on a specific objective. This is the core of effective project management software – collaboration, working discretely yet for a common goal.

Good project management software ensures greater likelihood of achieving the result, efficient and best value of resources, and meeting the project stakeholder’s requirements.

With PM software you can collaborate with team members in real-time, share documents, delegate tasks, stay on schedule, manage project costs, risks, forecasting, budget, tracking work, creating diverse reports and maintaining communication with clients and vendors.

It may use any of the methodologies in its design/framework like Traditional, Agile, SCRUM, CPM, CCPM, and/or ECM.­

If you are looking for a fundamental way in which you can optimize processes in your company so that you can ensure high efficiency and effectiveness of the talents of people you have employed, you should definitely look for a good project management software.

Project Management software can dramatically improve productivity of a project whether large or small.

Project Management


Best bets for Project Management Software

Best overall
Cost : 

Business : Starts-from $6 per user /m

Private cloud : for 100+ users ; Price on request

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
S, M, L
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Provides a centralized real-time chat window that increases the efficiency.

  • Critical files and documents can be saved in a secure and centralized place.

  • Provides an overview of the do’s and don’ts.

  • 15 days Free trial.

  • Detailed analytics report

  • Mobile app also available on both App store and Google Play.

Best for Virtual Teams
Cost : 

1st Basecamp account is free

Basecamp price : $29 / m

Basecamp with client : $ 79 /m

Enterprise : $3000 /year onwards

Features : 
Any web browser
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Fixed monthly charges, No per user fee.

  • Users can reply to a discussion via email app without login.

  • Message Boards and comment threads.

  • Real-time chat/pings.

  • Automatic check-ins.

  • To-do lists which break down work into simpler tasks.

Best for Enterprise
Cost : 

Enterprise Edition : $60 /user/m

Unlimited Edition : $80 /user/mo

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Standardized core processes.

  • Budget & Expense Management.

  • Change Request & Case Management.

  • Integrations and mobile connectivity.

  • 30 days free trial.

  • Reports and dashboards.

S, M, L
M, L

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring Project Management Software that you should definitely consider. They have features or special

deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

Showcase: Our full list of Project Management Softwares


Asana includes intuitive dashboard showing all the important and relevant information at one place. One can see the progress of the project without sending a separate mail. Provides an inbox that is used only by the team members to update each other about task completed. Helps in achieving the deadlines by tracking activities in a timely and systematic manner. Provides easy integration with chrome, Google Drive etc.


Wrike, one of the most reliable project management software is result oriented and collaborative.

Its complete view of the team’s workload and deadlines helps everyone to be on same page, whether they are across the hall or across the country. Wrike’s collaboration tools take communication, transparency, and accountability to the next level.


FunctionFox provides accurate tracking on projects from concept to completion. Apart from easy to use interface and simplified processes,  Its features include unlimited clients and projects, tasks with editable rates, timesheet with stopwatch timer, project status and status options, project costs and expense tracking, exchange documents and attach files,  group calendars, contacts, invoices, estimates, quotes, and budget, and free customer support.


Dovico provides time tracking and reporting solutions.  Dovico is ideal for businesses who  want time tracking for team members to help  understand the productivity gap amongst team members. As per the website, it offers powerful reporting capabilities with over 80+ reports, where reports can be generated for any date range by project, assignments, employee, etc. to help determine your project's status, costs, and compare budget vs. actuals.


LiquidPlanner’s project management software organizes tasks by priority, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location. Its provides seamless collaboration, accurately managing resources, provides a realistic time range to complete the task, set priority and manage expectations, real time visibility into individual task lists, integration of your existing tools through their RESTFUL API, can use agile or waterfall project management methodologies.

Deltek| Axium

Majorly made for architectural and engineering firms, the system is designed in such manner that it centrally controls all the modules of project management and the information generated is shared in real time with the various departments. Its feature set includes – resource management, reduce billing time, powerful financial analysis, reduce firm-wide overhead cost, provides custom dashboards to keep track of the projects, web based dashboard reporting for anywhere anytime access.


Replicon specializes in implementing the project in the most innovative manner. Their approach to project management ensures that the project delivery deadline are not missed, they do not exceed budget and is always in sync with project requirements.  Replicon provides accurate client billing by monitoring project cost and billing time in a seamless manner. Its enterprise client billing manages entire quote-to-cash cycle to increase service margins and deliver on-time, profitable projects.


QuickBase is Web-based and offers team collaboration, Reports and dashboards, 800+ productivity apps, each of them fully customizable. Helps in building interactive dashboards in a few clicks and brings data to life. It uses notification and reminders to automate workflows. Also any kind of deadlines and project progress updates are all displayed in a to-do list which shows all the important tasks that needs to be completed.


JIRA is mostly used by agile teams. It is a tool  created for each and every member of the team to plan sprints and distribute tasks across teams. It provides complete visibility of the discussion of team member’s work. It facilitates improved team performance based on the visual data visible.


Box is a tool for simplification of content management. It is a cloud based platform and ensures sharing files safely and collaborates with anyone on any device. It also ensures creating editing and reviewing of documents in real time while on the move. Its feature set includes Box web App, mobile apps for accessing files on the move; desktop apps to stay in sync with online files; admin console for management and security.


Trello is an adaptive tool that easily adapts to your project, team and workflow. Trello has a board that displays various cards in a list form that is used by an individual or by a team. Each of the cards can be drag-and-drop to other lists which further enables to get the updates in real time. It provides instant feedbacks on posted comments, upload files from the computer, Google Drive, Drop box, and OneDrive. Also adds checklists, labels, due dates.


ProWorkFlow manages tracking of time and project scheduling very smoothly. Some of its features are overview of the workload through a dashboard, collaboration of staff, clients, contractors with ease, detailing of tasks, timelines and communications in one place, easy contact management, optional plug-in to manage invoice, data security, flexible task types and customizable templates, custom reporting tools, built-in communications with full email support, uploading and sharing files.

Praesto AE

Praesto AE is for architects and engineers. It facilitates construction administration tracking, invoicing, and real-time reporting. A unique feature provided by Praesto is Tracking Fields, wherein any number of fields can be created by the end user; it can be used in sorting, searching and reporting. Other features include a comprehensive dashboard, integration of invoices, tracking of new proposal creation, time tracking of resources to tally their actual hours with budgeted hours.


PivotalTracker simplifies collaboration and crystallizes priorities to help teams focus on essentials. It allows us to see work across multiple projects in one place, simple UI helps to constantly see project status, instant resetting of the priorities which further shows the new milestone for project completion, communication through emails and In-app, share and store document of any type, allows easy and smooth integration with many apps, allows you to maintain agile processes.


Evernote project management software empowers the team, and its members to enhance their productivity. Some of the benefits are single workspace collaboration, keeps the team and the project together, sharing and giving feedback in one place. For an individual it provides sharing of text, images documents, synchronising their phone and computer. For the administrators it provides central user administration, enhanced security with TLS/ SSL.


Web-based platform to manage projects, finances, resources and business processes online. According to the website they have expertise in planning, delegation, collaboration, tracking and reporting. It is available both in SaaS and On-Premise deployment options. Some of their advanced features are project tracking, Gantt, resource management, time and expense management, project portfolio management, bug/ issue tracking etc.


Comindware is workflow and process management software to optimize daily operations. It is a powerful and robust foundation for developing, launching and maintaining business applications. Features include fully configurable web forms and records; drag-and-drop interface to configure processes; enabling task, resource and project by adding automation.

Apps are available for both mobile and web platforms; resources and tasks are universally accessible; approval, review and acceptance capabilities are enabled within projects; full support of agile methodology etc.


Project Insight primarily focuses to ease the task of the managers and also helps updating the team members for any real-time changes without delay. Some of its refined features include personalized dashboards, project request and prioritization, intelligent scheduling, project templates, collaboration, resource and document management, workflows, issue tracking, time and expense tracking, budget & planning, Microsoft outlook and office integration, portfolio management, permissions and security, customization etc.

ProjectManager organizes by creating project plans, managing team work load and monitoring projects in real time. Some of its key features include customized dashboard, creation of projects plan online and subsequently sharing them with team members, intuitive task management, instant report generation, auto filling of the timesheets, managing team workload, team collaboration, integration with 400+ apps etc.  It also has dedicated mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

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