You Deserve Your Money Back

In India, lot of SME'S are struggling to recover their money from the debtors, there blocking their working capital as well.

We Recover your Money: Share Samadhan assists clients in recovery of bad debts from their debtor or from the person to whom money had been lent.

We retrieve old investments in a hassle-free manner by following up with all authorities / companies / regulators by acting as a single point follow up entity. Clients need not roam around from pillar to post to recover their dues.

You must be having number of cases where civil or criminal litigation such as recovery suit, civil suits or 138 cases are going on which is a very time-consuming affair. Possibility of recovery under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC) is very high where the recovery is pending from a Private Limited Company or a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership LLP)

Why Share Samadhan?

Share Samadhan adopts focused approach to assist you to recover your money by using its expertise of recovery including proceeding under IBC which is time bound resolution. We have our associates spread in more than 45 cities in the country.

Cases which have been filed in lower courts and few months or years have passed but no recovery have been made till date, we strongly recommend to take some alternative action that includes withdrawal of case from lower courts and file under insolvency and bankruptcy code 2016 or other courts etc. where final outcome has to come within 6 months plus 3 months (extension) from date of acceptance of petitions in case of IBC or some time in other cases.

If the Debtor Company has already gone for liquidation and the case is continuing in Lower Courts it is wastage of money and time and if the company has not gone for liquidation then we can file case under IBC for faster recovery. There is no other alternative but IBC where recovery probability is higher and faster.

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