Top 5 tips for SMEs to enhance their Social Media Marketing Strategies

SMEs can use social media as a marketing tool to build brand/fan communities, increase traffic to their websites, inform current customers, attract new customers, hear consumer preferences, get new product development ideas, advertise new products, share promotional campaigns, increase donations and encourage event participation.

1. Study your market to improve your social media reach

Research your markets and customize your social media platforms for different international markets.

2. Personalize for your target audiences

Consumers in different demographic groups may have different preferences for social media tools.

3. Modify your social media marketing goals

Different organizations have different organizational missions and goals – and therefore different social media marketing goals.

4. Tailor your video content

Consumers are very visual. You may consider posting video content in your social media sites.

5. Choose appropriate social analytics tools

There is no single best way to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Many organizations simply look at the numbers, such as the number of followers, likes and comments. Many platforms have free built-in tools, such as Facebook/Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics, and LinkedIn Page Analytics 

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