Top 5 Tips for Marketing and Sales Professionals to Crack the SME Market

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

If you're a business that’s courting SMEs, it’s important to first understand how they differ from larger organisations.

These are the things you SME customers care about:

Demonstrate a Short-Term Return on Investment.

To get SMEs to sign up you have to show what their return on investment will be – and how long it will take to materialise. The time period here is equally as important as the quantum of return.

Provide Flexible Payment Options

Offer a range of flexible payment options that take the SME’s cash flow concerns into account.

Talk about the competition:

Share insights about their competitors or peers using your services, peer information is a very powerful way to get SMEs interested in your product.

Share Market Insights:

Market your products by sharing insights about their market, identify gaps or an unfulfilled customer need, you’re far more likely to get them to sit up and take notice.

Work Through Partners:

SMEs place high importance on developing strong relationships with suppliers, customers and employees. Going through a partner they trust, like SME MaXX, can help you gain quick credibility.

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