SME MaXX Goes Live on WhatsApp Business Catalogue

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Eliminates need to download multiple apps or remember websites. SMEs will be able to access finance, insurance, technology, HR and growth services from the comfort of their WhatsApp

Mumbai, November 14, 2019: SME MaXX, India’s leading online platform for SMEs, that provides fintech, insurtech and group buying services, today announced the launch of its services on WhatsApp catalogue. This is likely to be the first instance of a multi- service SME platform to be directly accessible to SMEs through the new catalogue feature.

Earlier this week, WhatsApp came up with revolutionary update to bring catalogue feature for small businesses. The objective is to make it easier for customers to learn about the products and services businesses offer with the introduction of catalogues in the WhatsApp Business app.

A vast majority of the 50 million SMEs in India are not digitally savvy, however they actively use WhatsApp. To access the SME MaXX - WhatsApp interface, all one needs to do is add the number “+919820224009” to their WhatsApp account or scan a QR code. This feature is very convenient as it eliminates the need to remember websites or download apps.

SMEs are often apprehensive about downloading multiple Apps. This is because they fear giving the Apps access to confidential information on their phone and are not sure what aspect of their communication and other transactions may be tracked. SME MaXX- WhatsApp interface does not need any additional permissions.

Some of the key products and services that can be accessed through SME MaXX - WhatApp catalogue are: SME Loans, Equipment leasing, Export bill discounting, Risk assessment and Insurance, Digital Export Promotion, Hardware and Software.

The facility is also available to SME employees for accessing their employee benefits.

Customers can chat in real time on WhatsApp with our customer support and get information related to any product they might be interested in.

SMEs can access SME MaXX WhatsAPP interface by clicking on the following link from their smart phone:



SME MaXX is a one stop shop focused on increasing SME productivity. Founded in 2015, SME MaXX is a group buying platform that offers Fintech, InsureTech & HRTech solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) & their employees. Through its partnership & reward based model, SME MaXX provide best deals & lower the cost for SMEs. With multiple fintech players coming in SMEs are not aware of all the sources of credit available to them, end up approaching the wrong or expensive lender for their needs. They have developed Recommendation Engine to solve this problem. Visit to get registered & earn rewards for every transaction.

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