Mystery deepens on India’s Upcoming MSME Portal

Mystery deepens on India’s Upcoming MSME Portal: Will it be an Alibaba or Amazon? Or a Hybrid? The MSME sector in India is excited in anticipation of a new channel to market their products nationally and globally. While the launch timing is set to be just a month away, it is not very clear if the portal will be structured as a B2B or a B2C portal. As the mystery deepens, here are 5 things we already know about the MSME portal. 1) The government has decided to boost the marketing reach of India’s MSME sector by creating a special MSME portal. 2) As per news reports the portal will be on the lines of Alibaba in China and Amazon in the US for selling products manufactured by small industries. 

 3)The MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari expressed confidence that the portal will generate a turnover of Rs 10 lakh crore in the next two years of its launch. 4) It will provide a good opportunity to the MSME sector which contributes significantly in job generation and promoting growth of the country. 5) The minister mentioned that he has also spoken to GeM (Government e-Market place) and has also discussed with Piyush Goyal (Commerce and Industry Minister). 

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