Modi Government launches ‘Tech-Saksham’ project

1. The Narendra Modi government on Tuesday launched a three-year project in partnership with industry body CII to enable technology adoption among MSMEs in India,

2. As it looks to create 5 crore jobs in five years in the sector, increase its share to 50 percent of the GDP in five years etc

3. Pikender Pal Singh, Senior Director & Head CII – Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness stated they are organizing 10-12 workshops from October onwards in cities that have industrial clusters and are looking to impact around 10,000 MSMEs through this project.

4. The project, according to the ministry would focus on making MSMEs competitive on a global scale, increase their contribution to country exports and leverage cost efficiencies.

5. Ministry added that, in its first phase, the project would focus on MSMEs in sectors that are labor-intensive and have the propensity to respond positively to tech-adoption, and will spark a larger discussion in other MSME clusters.

6. The platform would help MSMEs overcome said challenges through multiple policy recommendations, knowledge sessions, mentoring initiatives, etc.

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