Is Reliance Jio Planning to disrupt India’s SAAS market?

Is Reliance Jio Planning to disrupt India’s SAAS market? SAAS companies that are projecting their future growth and revenues based on the Indian SME sector need to take note of the recent announcements at the Reliance Industries 42nd AGM.

1.Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said that MSMEs are the bedrock of the Indian economy.

2.MSMEs might be currently spending anywhere between Rs. 15,000-20,000 a month. on a bundle of connectivity, productivity, automation tools.

3.What is Reliance Jio Planning to Offer: a. Unlimited enterprise-grade voice and data services b. Video conferencing c. Security solutions d. Marketing and sales solutions e. Microsoft productivity tools

4.JIO will offer these applications along with internet connectivity to SMBs at 1/10th the cost i.e. starting at only Rs. 1500 a month. The goal is to help MSMEs run their business efficiently and at par with larger enterprises

5.Jio has tied up Microsoft to bring in the Azure Cloud on Jio Network, targeting the enterprise and business users seeking a technological shift.

6.All start-ups were urged to register for their custom-designed package on Jio website. 

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