Do you want to share your personal finance experiences?

Do you want to share your experiences or thoughts about personal finance? Do you want more people to benefit from your insights? If so, please share your thoughts in writing and we will publish it.


Guidelines and requirements:

The subject should be around personal finances, savings, experiences, or insights. Ideally, insights coming from your own personal experience.It should be something positive, which people will benefit from. It should add value to the reader’s thinking.The article should not sell any individual product or firm. The word count should be in the range of 300-500 words.Let us know your name and email ID. The article can be published under your name, or if you prefer to be anonymous, we will just publish under ‘guest contributor’.Do send us the article to . The editor retains the right to either publish it or not, based on the overall quality of the content.

Sharing your learning, no matter big or small, on the subject of personal finance can benefit a lot of people. We want your help to bring personal finance know how to every Indian. Do write in to us.

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