DHL Express to help Indian SMEs find foreign markets

DHL Express to help Indian SMEs find foreign markets. 1) 60%-70% of DHL Express business in India comes from SMEs 2) To increase its reach in the country, the company has earmarked $250 million investment into the India business over a five-year period — from 2016 to 2021. 3) For the last three years, DHL has been holding seminars across India to reach out to small companies, especially those making leather products, garments, fashion accessories, and handicrafts, and showing them ways to tap the foreign market. 4) The biggest eCommerce lanes are the Italy-US (New York) fashion lane and US (New York)-India fashion & consumer products lane 5)John Pearson says there a strong trend of traditional exporters and even non-exporters taking the eCommerce route for growth. 6)The group in January also created a new division called DHL eCommerce Solutions source: economic times. date: Aug 04, 2019.

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