Air Pollution Boosts Sales of Herbal SMEs

Herbal SMEs report an uptick in sales as people rush to natural and trusted natural products to protect their health from Air Pollution.  

Herbal SMEs in India sell through various pharmacy, OTC outlets as well as through special Ayurvedic stores. Recently marketplaces like Amazon have become a huge source of herbal products. 

Many national and regional dailies have reported on the importance of natural products in protection from the harmful effects of Air Pollution, leading to increase in demand.

The following are the herbal products suggested for protection against Air Pollution and the ways to use them:

Sip On Special Tulsi Water: Have water infused with Panch Tulsi Drops

Drink Herb Powered Tea: Sip Herbal Tea with Lemongrass leaves 2 to three times a day. Add ginger powder and honey for additional benefit.

Get the Pippali Protection: Pippali acts as a 'respiratory tonic' and helps to reduce inflammation and extra mucous from your airways.

Fight Cough and Cold : The herb Bibhitaki (Baheda) is known to soothe breathing problems and in reducing cough and cold naturally.

Detox Your Airways: Guduchi is a herb known for its detoxifying properties and help in respiratory diseases. It is said to pacify the mucous membrane of your respiratory system thereby making it very effective against asthma.

While there are no international clinical trials, documenting the effectivity or the degree of protection with these herbs, there is ample historical evidence backing their use.

A structured program to document their benefits could open up a huge market for these products globally.

Source: Heylth

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