Access Vs Awareness: What is keeping Indian MSMEs small?

Access Vs Awareness: What is keeping Indian MSMEs small?

Most micro businesses are simply unable to grow and become small enterprises in India, there is an alarming lack of small and medium enterprises in India.

India had only 5-small medium and large enterprises for every 95 micro-businesses, while developed countries, feature around 50 micro-entities, and 40 small-to-medium companies in the same sample size.

So, what is keeping Indian MSMEs small?

While the analysis reveals that the intent to grow is always there, it cites the lack of access to formal sources of finance, unavailability of infrastructure, power and skilled labor as the key factors.

As per the report, only 4 percent of MSMEs have access to a formal source of finance.

What can we do about it?

It is well known that MSME owners are severely time and resource-constrained. Creating tools that can update them in real-time about relevant schemes is the need of the hour. Such tools should be easy to use, should work on smartphones and capable of communicating through SMS and WhatsApp for the best impact. An option for MSMEs to seek help in applying to these schemes could further ramp up their utilization.

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