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Do You Need A POS Software?

POS (Point Of Sale) term refers to a computer software and hardware network which registers sales. The phrase denotes capturing information about your customer and their payment at a physical location when they perform any transaction (i.e. purchase/selling) of any goods or services.


This transaction can be carried out using POS terminals like computers, barcode scanners, optical scanners, MCR (magnetic card readers), cash registers (electronic & manual), touch screens, EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer POS using credit/debit/gift cards) or their combinations.

A POS system saves us time, increases efficiency, decreases data redundancy (duplication). Due to accurate inputs we have real-time updated inventory, consistent pricing at all locations, orders, reports& analytics, automatic price tracking during sales etc. all in good order.


Retail, Service and Hospitality sectors benefit mainly from the POS systems.

Having a POS system in place can add convenience, accuracy and save time in busy situations.

POS Softwares

Best bets for POS Softwares

Best All in One
Cost : 

Starter: $49/monthly ($39/month if billed annually)

Advanced: $99/monthly ($79/month if billed annually)

Multi-outlet: $249/monthly ($199/month if billed annually)

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
S, M
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Hosted 100% on cloud.

  • Functions offline and saves data. When internet is resumed, data is synced online.

  • Ideal for retail operations (Lacks some features for hospitality & service industry).

  • Offers integration with third-party applications like Shopify, Xero etc.

  • Compatible with multi-national credit card processors.

  • User help guides available throughout the software.

  • Support available via email, chat and phone apart from Knowledgebase and YouTube videos.

Best for Retail Business
Cost : 


Multiple plans available too

Features : 

Any Web Browser, iOS7

Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Reasonably priced, technical support is included in the monthly costs.

  • Works offline and syncs data to cloud when online.

  • Free 14 day trial.

  • Offers great solution for SME segment especially food and beverage sector.

  • Features – Employee time tracking, Inventory receiving including categorization as raw goods, Reordering, Reporting, User level permissions.

  • Integrated with third-party softwares applications like Quickbooks, AppCard (loyalty program), MailChimp.

  • Offers ShopKeep Payments – for credit card processing. Also supports other card processors.

  • Good knowledge base and guides are in place.

Best for Restaurant Business
Cost : 

Starts at $69/month/1 terminal single license

Multiple plans available

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser, iOS iPad
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Catering to all business sizes from a small food truck to fine diners.

  • Pricing based on number of license and not features. So Starter gets complete features.

  • Integrated with : Xero, 7shifts, Shogo, multiple CC gateways like Mercury, PayPal, Cayan.

  • One drawback is you have to enter the complete menu by hand on iPad whereas other provide CSV files to be uploaded.

  • Customer support is fair, Support also available on Facebook, YouTube videos, via detailed support documentation and videos.

S, M, L
Cloud / On - premise

How To Select POS Software?

Budget & Timeframe

Do not go only for low price of the software/hardware. Look closely at the total price you will incur on the whole i.e. the software, hardware, training and the vendor’s services. Decide on the timeframe in which your solution should be implemented and starts its usage in your company. This should be conveyed specifically to the vendor.

Standard Compliance

Depending on your area of business you might need software which is pre-programmed to meet a certain benchmark.


Ask your POS solution vendor to provide you with at least three references with whom you can cross-check about the functioning, ease of use, any software related issues.

Required features

Is the user interface intuitive and easy to navigate? Do you need mobile support, native language support?

A key functionality ->what kind of reporting and analytics features does it have, its format and can it be automated?

Technical expertise

Consider the technical know-how of your sales team. They should be able to learn and use it easily so that people do not lose their jobs. 

Need Analysis

Define your functional and technical requirements which are discrete, non overlapping and non negotiable. Try to choose a solution which caters primarily to your area of business because it will give you specific features pertaining to your industry and a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring POS softwares that you should definitely consider. They have features or special deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

Showcase: Our full list of POS softwares

Square POS

Excellent POS which doesn’t charge extra fees for anything including chargeback. Very low swipe rates, no lock-in period for processing payments, no early termination fee, accepts all types of debit and credit cards, features Square Register for accounting.

Flipside – No 24-hour support even for an additional fee.


Flexible pricing which includes all costs. It charges CC processing fee per swipe or keyed-in transactions. Main features include Mobile POS, Customers management, Inventory management, Ecommerce, Staff management, Analytics & Reporting, Customer support in form of how-to guides and FAQs.

Flipside – Specifically designed for retailers, service providers, could offer more readily available support like videos/chat/phone, no training programs in place.


Ideal solution for salon & spa industry. Features include employee management, scheduling, data backups, reservations, barcode scanning, receipt printing, cash drawer, gift cards & loyalty program, inventory tracking, reporting, and market distribution. Compatible with video surveillance systems. Charges apply for CC processing. Full support provided.

Flipside – Long term of agreements.

Springboard Retail

Excellent solution for multi-store and multi-channel retailers. Accessible by browser, can be used by touch screen or normal computers, built-in tool for tracking, statistics & analytics, inventory management, real-time reporting.

Flipside – Improvements needed in merchandising, Integrates with only one CC processor.


Complete hardware and software package which provides cloud-based software and competitive payment processing fees. No long term agreements. Integrated with internal printer, cash drawer, Magnetic card reader, barcode scanner, mobile and retail pos, customer loyalty tools, reporting tools and integrated with Quickbooks.

Flipside – Requires purchase of uAccept hardware upfront, Not suitable for full-service restaurants. Limited training.

PayPal Here

Does not charge monthly or any support fee. No long-term contracts. Charges per swipe fee & keyed-in cards. Free app and card reader, can handle basic inventory, sales, report and user management, 24 hours phone support, help information online and active forums.

Flipside – May need to work with partners of Paypal for advanced POS features, not a very good choice for hotel/restaurants.


Offers a full-fledged POS with payment processing agreement and shipping along with mobile payment processing plus free tableside servicing software in iPads.  The software caters to retail, restaurants and delivery based services. Lower swipe fees, allows all kind of payments, excellent full-time support with documentation and videos both. Additional monthly service fees and hardware support fees is charged.

Flipside –3 year contract with the company for payment processing, if you want free software. Early termination of contract will be costly.

GotMerchant offers cloud-based full featured POS in exchange for a 3 year contract of payment processing only with them using POS/Wifi-enabled CC processors/mobiles. They beat the prices of their competitors. Offers low swipe rates, Charges monthly support and hardware fees. Processes all kinds of payments, gift and loyalty cards, advanced card readers, good support.

Flipside – You have to use their CC processing services only.

Toast POS

Designed especially for the restaurant and food service industry to cater businesses of all sizes. Features tableside ordering and processing, fair-tip based on percentages for customers, loyalty program, giftcards, reporting with analytics.

Flipside – Training on software required, Less features in inventory, scheduling, reserving tables.

Premier Wireless

Cloud based POS solution offers wireless merchant service, rebates/discounts tracking, activation portals, loyalty programs, repair module, email marketing, used phone management system, Qpay & Epay.

Flipside – Reporting and inventory needs more features. 


Stylishly designed, easily set up with customizable interface Clover Station are easily available. Integrated card reader, camera, coupons, gift cards, employee and report management. Inventory and sale processors. You can choose any payment processors. Great support with documentation, through their user interface and videos.

Flipside – Purchase the full hardware system upfront.


Feature rich software designed to work with iPhone, iPad on internet and made to serve service industry. Features include booking, checking in & out, scheduling, recurring membership/subscriptions, rentals, employee-specific rates, CRM, service & inventory management, reporting and EMV powered iConnect Register. Excellent customer service.

Flipside – Needs internet for CC transactions, booking process a little confusing, small issue with the checkout screen.


Web-based POS for Jewellers. Solid and sturdy solution offering you Retail accounting, CRM, and inventory management. Offers RFID, bar-coding, calendar and scheduling, customer service, mobile POS, loyalty programs, affordable monthly program, wish list creation etc.

Flipside – None so far.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Cloud-based restaurant management system which can create menus, schedules, monitor sales, reports, labour etc. Can be completely personalized, have a “show & tell” feature for food and toppings ordering. Management can use web-browser based interface and for order taking iPad/iPods/iPhones should be used. Versatile software with multi-lingual feature.

Flipside – In-person training should have more terminals for one license.


Ideal for single store locations pre-packaged integration with CC processors this solution easily integrates with existing POS hardware. Terminals are iPads with iPhone/iPod touch to input data. Inbuilt reservation tool.

Flipside – Cannot run totals for a customer for loyalty management, Ability to order from home using different wifi than the Ambur is not there.


Showcases feature of paying only for swiping as per your account type, no long-term contracts, no early-termination fee, processes all kind of payments (CC/Debit/Gift/Cash/Check/Loyalty). Retail business oriented design. All year round support in addition to phone, email and chat.

Flipside – Not designed for restaurants, less tools for employees.

Lavu iPadPOS

Designed for restaurants, nightclubs, bars of all business sizes Lavu is a customizable system for owners as well as users. Company can go for ordering tableside, take-outs, delivery routing, as well as offer loyalty discounts using Loyaltree. Features sales, inventory and resource management, reporting and multilingual features.

Flipside – Needs very fast and reliable internet system.

Tiger POS

Liquor and Wine Retailers use Tiger POS exclusively. It offers user-friendly interface, minimal training on POS which also has inventory, accounts management, CRM. Automated discount feature, loyalty programs, Barcode scanning, sales and reporting analytics.

Flipside – Not available.

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