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PMS is swiftly coming up in the India capital industry; as one of the leading investment vehicles. In recent years, assets under the management of the discretionary portfolio service have greatly increased and at a fast rate. 


Portfolio Management Service is a personalized professional service offered to various classes of investors to meet their investment goals. The service providers of PMS offer different themes spanning from flexible cap, medium cap, small cap, large cap, focused products, etc., to suit specific needs of the investors.

The minimum amount of investment in PMS is Rs 25 lacs. Thus, the Portfolio Managers service High Networth Clients and Institutional investors. The investors pay a specific management fee or, they may follow a performance linked fee structure where a certain percentage of the generated portfolio returns is paid by the investor as the management fee. The Portfolio Management Service, makes customised, transparent, stress-free platform for investors involved in equity markets.


A reasonable and sound portfolio manager will point out investment ideas that creates wealth for the client and must know when exactly to enter and exit stocks, which are usually seen by most investors as tedious tasks to accomplish by themselves.


The availability of differentiated strategy is the main benefit of a Portfolio Management Service over MF (Mutual Fund). The primary attribute is augmented performance via concentrated, standardized portfolios which through the MF platfom are very difficult to execute.


When compared to the MF, PMS are very much customized and more focussed. It is also suitable for those investors who have high risk appetite so as to sustain the peaks and valleys and stay invested in a 3  to 4 years span.

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