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Payroll affects every aspect of a business, from reputation of the company to morale of employees.

Payroll Software

How To Select A Payroll Software?


You should first define and put on paper your current business process, your weak points and plan how your business process should look like with a Payroll in place.


All payroll systems charge a monthly price which is its base price. On top of that we can expect a fee per employee or a fee for direct deposits.


Training is different for different level of jobs in the same company for example, a manager will require different training than a cleric.


Ask your software solution vendor to provide you with at least three references with whom you can cross-check about the software’s functioning, ease of use & software related issues.

Best bets for Payroll Softwares

Best Overall for Small Business

Cost : 

(for 1st 6 months)


$20.00/M + $2/M per employee

Enhanced(most popular):

$31.20/M + $2/M per employee

Full Service:  $79.00/M + $2/M per employee

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
S, M
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Full service cloud-based payroll.

  • 30 days free trial.

  • Guarantees no errors in payrolls and taxes.

  • Allows outsourcing payroll completely, files taxes, printing checks.

  • Tracks PTO, accruals, sick or vacation days, payroll deductions, wage garnishments, direct deposits.

Best for Micro Business

Cost : 
$39.95/M for 10 users(paid weekly),  $8 for direct deposits
Features : 

Any  web browser

Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Extensively maintained employee records, Flexible deduction and pay types.

  • Unlimited payrolls, Free support, Low priced.

  • Solution can be used on all devices, tablets, touch-screen compatibility.

  • Handles taxes – federal, local and state, guarantee timely tax filings.

  • 1 month free trial.

Cost : 
$39 base price + $6
per employee/mo
Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Formerly known as Zen Payroll, it is the cheapest solution.

  • 2 months free trial.

  • Full-featured payroll, benefits management, compliance platform.

  • “Auto-Pilot” feature, digital paystubs, direct deposit payments.

  • Calculates, pays and files the taxes.

  • Health benefits enrolment with automatically generated compliance checklist.

Best for Sole Proprietor


Do You Need A Payroll Software?

Payroll refers to the sum total of all payment a company owes to their employees and is usually managed by the accounts department.

A Payroll Software solution encompasses and automates the payment of employee’s wages and bonuses, maintain employee records and filing of taxes safely and with security. It helps stay on top of the regulatory and legal responsibility.

So, if your business is increasing at a break-neck speed leaving you less time to maintain the nitty-gritty details, going for payroll software will definitely take load off your shoulders.

Running payrolls by an accountant, calculation & filing of taxes takes time and having software do that for you give you more time to focus on the core business.

It reduces the scope of errors, data redundancy, keeps logs of hourly workers & wages, employee self-service, can be integrated with HR modules for more in-depth information about each employee. That is why all companies now need an effective, reliable and easy to use payroll software solution.

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring payroll softwares that you should definitely consider. They have features or special deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

Showcase: Our full list of Payroll softwares


SurePayroll offers services like calculating employee wages, payroll tax, handling the issues related to payment to employees and new hires reporting etc. Also it offers handling of federal & state labour law, and helps employers stay updated and compliant with respect to payroll regulations and taxes. Additionally there are Free employer and employee mobile apps, and great customer support.


Patriot Software is a full-service payroll which handles company’s local, state and federal payroll taxes, direct deposits, time-off tracking, W2s, and year-end very detailed reporting. Also as mentioned on the website, It can be run 24/7 from any location with an Internet connection, and also offers time and attendance and HR software solutions.


Paycor's online payroll platform offers tax calculations, tax filing, tax credit services, tax notices, 401(k), electronic child support payment, workers compensation, setting up of alerts regarding any employee not receiving pay or any changes in payments, direct deposit etc.

Paycor also offers mobile app, which makes it possible for employees to request time off and also to view details of their payments anytime anywhere.

Flipside – Few issues with customer service.

Client Solutions Group

Cloud-based payroll, can be accessed anywhere, reasonable pricing, can calculate hourly and salaried payrolls, tax-filing, new hire reporting, reporting features, pay-as-you-go, time & attendance, online payroll, mobile apps, HR support center.

Kronos Workforce ready

It provides cloud-based management with a single web-based platform and interface to manage time & attendance, HR, and Payroll of all employees with full management capabilities and all critical information like taxes available in real-time.


Connect, recruit and manage your workforce using this platform will help you grow and evolve with their business. It is a Web-based solution when integrated with COBRA module gives you full-fledged payroll feature. Ease of use, extensive list of modules and flexible/customizable solution.


Newtek features online pay stubs, payment management, 401(k), workers payments, benefits management, assisted payroll enrolment, security encryption, auto backups, disaster recovery, tax filing and returns as per the state/local and federal levels.


Paychex offers payroll services for businesses of all sizes; Paychex allows accessing pay stubs on both - the online payroll self-service portal and mobile support. Features include direct deposit, tax services, compliancy, backups, new hire reporting, time and attendance tracking. Excellent support by phone, email and phones.

Flipside – Doesn’t offer printing on-site of the checks.

Advantage payroll services

Advantage Payroll offers comprehensive payroll processing solution and services, including proprietary software, online payroll management and a centralized data network. Features include tax filing, management and online reporting, pay check options, restaurant payroll, Instant Payroll®, new hire reporting, electronic tax compliance, and section 125/premium only plans.


Hosted on secure Amazon cloud, this intuitive software features include direct deposits, new hire reporting, payroll calculation, vacation leaves, federal/state/local – all taxes taken care of, 1099s, W2s & W3’s, Wage details, additional deductions, additional incomes, online paystubs, pay contractors, support ticketing etc. “Switch It” feature changes your system designed for less than 10 users to more than 10 users automatically and seamlessly.

Flipside – Lack of reports and their customizations.

Optimum Employer Solutions

Optimum Employer Solutions offers on-premise and cloud-based payroll system offering 401(k) tracking, check & tax form printing, direct deposits, vacation & leave tracking, wage garnishments, benefits & payroll tax management, reporting, can integrate with third-party solutions, and automated features.

Flipside – Needs in-depth training to be used adequately.

CheckMark Payroll

Easy to use, reasonably priced, on-premise payroll solution offers payroll management, importing hours from spreadsheets / clocks, tracks sick/accrued/vacation times, pay employer taxes, e-filing W2s & W3s, pay by direct deposits, emails pdf paystubs, forms printing like 940, 941, 943 and 944 and offers tech support with the product.

BenefitMall PayFocus

Online payroll solution, multiple payroll reports, track accruals, printing checks, earnings, taxes (W-2s and 1099s), direct deposits, compliance, FAQs, knowledgebase and dedicated support desk.

Flipside – No payroll reminders.


Paylocity's cloud-based, service intuitive user-friendly payroll includes time & attendance application, pay check calculator, quick data entry, online reporting, retirement plan calculator, ledgers, direct deposit, rate histories, dependent tracking and a company directory.


PayLumina is a payroll system offering web-based platform which is easy to use, flexible and user friendly. Customer can easily manage and control payroll using different features and functionalities such as event notifications/reminders, create reports and export them into popular formats like word, excel, PDF etc, setup permissions for different type of users in order to enable controlled view of information.

Octopus HR

Octopus HR is a web-based human resources software offering personnel tracking integrated with modules such as managing benefits, applicant tracking, performance reviews, compensation management, customizable interface, third-party software integrations.

Flipside – Need in-depth training to utilize it fully.


Sage provides its payroll software and payroll management systems to small and medium-size businesses. The company offers Sage Payroll Essentials for companies with unlimited processing, tax filing and direct deposit for less than 10 employees, and for more than 10 employees Sage Payroll Full Service’s safe easy and secure services for a flat monthly price. Feature-rich solutions providing reporting, general ledger, time & attendance, HR, payment options, and customer support.

Square Payroll

Square Payroll is designed keeping hourly employees in mind. Features easy clocking-in & out, hours getting logged automatically, direct deposits & access pay stubs online, handles complete federal plus state taxes including filling taxes and payments. Clear pricing, no hidden fees.

Flipside: Available in eight US states only.


Planday is a web-based employee scheduling platform, featuring managers to oversee employee hours, payroll, shift swapping, vacation requests, employee communications, copying schedules to avoid manual entries, location-specific clock-in and punch clock functions.

Flipside – None.


Amcheck offers complete web-based single database Full payroll & Basic HR management system and services. Strong features like Time and attendance, employee self-service, benefits administration, payroll, tax-filing, HR Live Support, recruitment and application tracking, third-party accounting package integration, checks/direct deposits/visa pay cards, reporting, employee emergency line credit available of up to $1000.

Flipside – Web-based.

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