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Your Online Reputation, 
Needs Protection. Get it at OnCheck

OnCheck: India’s first Online reputation management platform

Up to 90% of customers trust what the internet tells them about your business. More importantly, they make decisions based on what they find online. Isn’t it time that your actively managed your online reputation. Start now for Free!

Find out your reputation score with a free Reputation Assessment Report

Share website and store links for Regular Reputation Monitoring 

Get tips and assistance from experts to protect your Online Reputation.

Get Started: About your Company
What is your business entity (legal entity)?
How many individuals work for your company?
How many years has your company been in existence?
What is the annual revenue of your business?
About your Business
What industry is your company in?
How does your company earn revenues?
Do you sell Goods or Services online?
Does Your Company Export?
Does your company manage any hazardous goods?
Is there a risk of work related injury or threats for your customers?
Do you provide goods or service where there is a high chance of customer complaints?
Is there a chance that any of your competitors or customers may try to sue you or damage your reputation?
Do you run the risk of being sued for loss of customer data?
Do you have the following types of reputation related Insurance for your protection? (please select all that apply)
Please describe any additional requirements or specifics about your Online reputation management needs. The more information you can provide here, the more accurately we can estimate risk (optional)
Please Paste the URL of your company website and the URL of your profile on any Market places? (Please mention all relevant URLs)
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Disclaimer: OnCheck services and OnCheck reports are reputation risk assessment and mitigation reports for educational and preliminary awareness purposes only and not a substitute for professional reputational risk assessment advice. We advise users to consider their own situation in detail and if required discuss with a risk assessment professional before acting on any recommendation provided by OnCheck. Users are solely responsible for any action/inaction based on OnCheck reports.  

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