Well planned email marketing delivers the right message at the right time to the right audience.




CRM Integration

Integrating an email marketing tools with your CRM (Customer Relationship management)software would give an added edge to the email marketing. The campaigns created using the

marketing tool will further be more accurate since some real time data like the client detailed information would be fed from the CRM software of the company to the email marketing


SPAM Compliance

Should provide CAN SPAM Compliance.

Event Triggered Email

Event Triggered Email–email triggers are some of the advanced feature provided in many good marketing tools. It allows you to set certain trigger points according to the actions taken by the recipient like mail opening, making a purchase, not opening the mails etc.


Detailed analytics and reporting should be provided so that the email campaign can be monitored.

Visual Editor

Visual Editor should be easy to use and must have a drag and drop functionality.

Auto responding tool

Should provide Auto responding tool.


Should have predesigned templates, option to send messages to thousands of contacts, and a provision to create customized email.


Best for Small Businesses
Cost : 

Free : 14k email; 0/month

Medium : 600 - 50k Subscribers; $11.95 - $230.95 /mo

Large : 55k – 1L subscribers ; $260 - $449.95 / mo

Extra Large : 125k – 10L subscribers ; $600 - $3885 /mo

Massive : 1070k – 7140k subscribers ; $4500 - $29200 /mo

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • 400 responsive design templates.

  • Ease in creating and design professional looking mail.

  • Provides detailed analytics.

  • Auto-responder as a feature to automate work.

  • Cloud based software.

  • Committed customer support staff available.

Best in low cost
Cost : 

Email : 1k – 1L contact list ; $15 – $450 / m

Pro : 5k – 1L contact list; $49 - $490 / m

Max : 10k – 1L contact list ;$165 - $580 / m

Enterprise : 100k+ contact list ; from $799 onwards  /m

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Easy to use design editor.

  • Offers impressive tools with great customer service.

  • Cloud based software.

  • More than 500 Templates with excellent designs are available.

  • 18% discount if paying annually.

  • Responsive design templates.

  • Email analytics providing wide range of statistics.

Best for E-commerce
Cost : 

Free : 9k Emails ; INR 0 / mo

Micro : 40k emails ; INR 443.65 /mo

Bronze : 60k emails ; INR 2343 /mo

Silver : 120k emails ; INR 3960 /mo

Features : 
Platforms : 
Any web browser
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Offers to create easy-to-use email marketing messages.

  • Tools to create professional looking email marketing campaigns.

  • Provides various payment plans and free plans.

  • Allows list building and synchronising contacts wordpress, magento, drupal etc.

  • Email analytics.

  • Mobile viewer feature.

S, M
S, M, L


Email marketing in it literal sense means sending an informational message electronically (via email) to an individual or group of person. So, if we are promoting our company or a product through email marketing among new or existing customers, we need to know the delivery status of mails. Also, we would need to ensure a right kind of design template for it as well and a customised mail to each recipient.


Our email software and web mail services (outlook, gmail, hotmail) are designed for sending single mails.

To send mails to a huge list of emails ranging from 100 to 1000 to lakh email addresses, these web mail services cannot cater to such a requirement because they are not designed for this format.​

Email marketing software is specialist software which offers features, tools and templates that help ensure your email meets legal requirements; email formatting is done in the desired template, so that every recipient gets a personalized version. The probability of email being delivered to the end recipient becomes more because of the robust infrastructure and delivery mechanism which is provided by this software.


Email marketing software’s enables business to effectively promote themselves or their product.

By segregating various email of individual, emails can be sent to specific audience. Not only any emails but specific emails can be sent to them. This helps the company to show their loyalty and commitment to their end users thereby gaining trust and loyalty in return. Also, these marketing tools also provide tools to analyse the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring Email Marketing Software that you should definitely consider. They have features or special deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

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Showcase: Our full list of Email Marketing Software


Infusionsoft is sales and marketing automation software. Infusionsoft helps your business to capture more leads, improve conversion rate, provides a seamless online shopping experience 24/7, manages the sales very well, and for sure saves your time. Also, for lead generation, more sales, and for deal closing, functionality of CRM software further assists in doing the same.


ActiveCampaign is a marketing platform to grow your business. Its feature set provides email marketing, wherein beautifully designed email templates are created. With the contacts personal data it allows marketing automation, helps in generating leads and with the right kind of relationship building with the clients, it further helps in closing the deal at much faster pace.

Other important features are email segmentation,   subscription forms, dynamic content, split testing, intelligent automation, contact management, contact and lead scoring.


AWeber is a marketing program which is used to create beautiful, professionally-looking newsletters, with powerful email marketing tools. Aweber has a feature wherein email follow up can be automated for small to medium size companies thereby more sales for the client and at the same time have a good will relationship with them. Other features offered are drag and drop editor for creating campaigns, expert customer service, Email deliverability rate, responsive sign-up forms, newsletter creation (both simple and advanced), HTML email templates, performance tracking and email marketing API for third party integration.


VerticalResponse, is used for creating designer emails. With people more commonly using mobiles for accessing web posts, these emails look great on mobile devices as well. Their feature base includes customizable templates & easy to use drag and drop editor, responsive templates, sign-up form to build up subscribed audience, engaging analytics report, auto-responders.

VerticalResponse is cost effective and newsletter can be sent monthly through 1-click. All these features assist you to increase sales which further pushes up your business with more people opting for the emailing services.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor caters to all kids of business whether they are small, medium or large organizations. They provide flexible feature set according the requirement of an end user without compromising on the quality of service. Its feature includes drag-and-drop email builder, connecting with people with personalized emails, interactive analytics on campaign activity, engaging audience with email automation, optimized transactional emails, pre-built CRM integration, customer service 24/7. 


Pinpointe offers over 1000 email templates, permission based email marketing, powerful automated emails (auto responders) and trigger campaigns to maximize marketing efficiency, ‘smart-segments’ allow you to target your prospects with precision, magnify email campaign with social sharing, Real-Time Site Analytics & Heat Maps, Tracking and Reporting, Manage Subscribers, Easy Website Integration, Email Marketing Tools Integration, Email Deliverability and finally great service support.


Emma is a tool which facilitate in maximising and strengthening the marketing tactics by providing a robust and intelligent email building features.

As mentioned on website their specialists will review your email campaign and give you proven tips to boost open and click rates the next time you send.  From custom signup forms and integrations to advanced API support, they have got your technical needs covered. And finally their pricing structure suits all kinds of business from small to large industries.

ZoHo Campaigns

Features offered from ZoHo Campaigns is professionally looking predesigned templates, mailing list management which includes building audience by adding subscribers and then segmenting them based on a criteria, A/B testing. Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time using detailed reports, automate email marketing, auto-responders, email workflows, Zoho Campaigns provides integration with Zoho CRM for better sales decisions. The software is offered in multiple languages.


Hubspot is all-in-one marketing software.

It is a tool that ensures no hassles, easily controllable, less complexity more time for planning strategies and building email appropriately. It’s a one stop solution for email marketing. To market yourself in the best way is by making your clients as your marketing partner. According to the website, this can be done by blogging keywords and social publishing, Forms calls-to-action landing page, CRM Email and workflows, Surveys, smart content and social monitoring.


iContact offers simple features that work to get your email to the inbox. Features provided by iContact are easy message creation with existing templates, drag and drop feature, mobile friendly templates, easy build-in tools to manage growing lists, personal coaching, schedule automated messages to get delivered over time, spam check every message to ensure your email reaches inboxes fast, email marketing reports, schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, great technical support.


MailChimp is an email marketing service with million users around the world. It is one of the most sophisticated and mature marketing software that caters to all your marketing needs. Its simple features of drag and drop or selecting existing templates makes it a worthy contender for your marketing solutions. Its feature covers ecommerce integration, creating targeted campaigns, automate helpful product follow-ups and send back-in-stock messaging. It has flexible designer tools to create campaign matching your style, provision to refer to multiple email templates, multi-user account, marketing automation tools, and advance analytics to grow your business.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact being a powerful and easy to use tool helps in creating professional emails that brings customer to your door. With its customizable email template, drag and drop feature, automatically sending personalized messages at the right time makes it competing marketing software. Other feature are handling un-subscribes, bounces, and inactive emails update automatically, email tracking tools. Some advanced features offered are organising live events, trackable coupons, and online surveys.


JangoMail's highlighting feature is its unique emails creation and sending platform for both transactional and marketing emails. Also, it provides a good customised newsletter creation platform which further highlights its marketing strength and allows you to stay in touch with your clients.

JangoMail offers customer support which is available 24/7, an excellent HTML editor, email templates which are over 150.

It allows 100% brand control, advanced personalization, a robust API, and real-time database integration.


directIQ is intelligent email marketing software which provides free templates, easy segmentation, and colour reporting. DirectIQ provides easy-to-create professional email templates, integration with social media, inbox preview and testing, imports contact with few clicks, sign-up forms. DirectIQ targets its most engaging customers with its “list boost” feature. Offers detail email delivery reporting on key metrics.


Robly email marketing software is perfect for both beginners and expert alike. Its feature set includes mobile optimized email templates, image and newsletter storage, 24/7 customer support, sharing through social media tools, store, organize and grow list, advanced segmenting tools to better target subscribers, send automated emails to new subscribers that boost engagement, tracking & reporting. And finally, a unique feature of robly is its invention of “OpenGen”, a proprietary Email Marketing automation technology, and Robly AI, a patent-pending artificial intelligence sending technology. Both of them together guarantee a 50% increase in opens.


Redcappi assures easy email marketing. They offer creating, sending and tracking cool looking emails and newsletter. The tool helps you build relationships with your customers to boost your sales. They provide Drag-and-drop email editor, easy creation of mobile compatible email promotions and newsletters, manage and grow email list, easy to setup and use auto-responders, real time campaign results through statistics, built-in forms to add more subscribers, seamless integration with social media.


Freshmail email marketing tool provides a revolutionary FreshMail designer. It provides an intuitive template editor for creating beautiful and effective newsletter which requires no coding knowledge. All the files, documents, data and even FreshMail tools are secure in a dedicated cloud environment. It has a very clever auto responder which assists in communicating with the subscribers. Some other feature include real-time email tracking, free inbox inspector, free spam test, send time optimization, automatic A/B testing, Personalization and dynamic content.


MPZMailis an email marketing platform which provides specialized tools for creating and sending emails.It provides a user interface which can be used by any beginner. According to the website, it has the following features - beautiful email design templates, provision for importing contacts from spread sheet, website, or form, and watch in real time when people click on your email links etc.

Also provides some powerful real time reporting and provision for deploying newsletter signup forms anywhere including your website and social media.


Experiture is a one stop marketing solution platform. It has a robust marketing automation tool, powerful enough to implement any marketing strategy, and has an interface which is very user friendly. It provides easy to create email marketing solutions which further allows sending personal emails thereby increasing sales and generating more leads for future email campaigns. Engages customer through marketing programs from multiple channels and focusing on each customer individually. Provision of creating and sending automated follow up emails so as to turn the leads into sales.


Qzzr is one of the most promising email marketing software available. It has the ability to do twisted things in the simplest manner. Customising the email looks and fitting in for any website layout, Easily add text, images, and animated GIFs to your email, available in other languages, easily integrated with wordpress, allows sharing, track your result by reviewing statistics and analyse responses.

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