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to identify lenders and the best loan types for your capital needs

Loan Against Property

This is a multi-purpose loan that can be availed by mortgaging your existing residential or commercial property. Almost all the banks and financial institutions offer a wide array of Property loans to meet financial expenses pertaining to your business, educational or personal requirements.

One can avail loan upto 60-70% of the property value.They are specially designed for SMEs that are into service, manufacturing and trading businesses.

Loan can be used for working capital requirement, buying of industrial machines, business expansion, modernization, technology upgradation and other short term needs of the business.

Loan Credit Rating Advisory
Speak to Us, Before You Speak

To Your Bank

Credit rating is important to you whether you are an individual or a company. It is the first thing a bank checks when they recieve your loan application.

The interest rate that you recieve is highly dependent on your credit rating. We can help you get the best possible credit rating to reduce your EMI.

Talk to us before you apply for a loan! We might be able to save you a few lakhs!

Home Loan

One can avail home loan for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of new / old dwelling unit

  • Construction of house

  • Purchase of plot of land for construction of a house

  • Repaying a loan already taken from other Housing Finance Company / Bank

Loan Amount: 

Upto 85% of the market value of the property

Repayment period: Upto 30 years

The advantage is also Tax benefit that a borrower could get from IT Authorities.


Loan Against Rent Receivables

There are many commercial properties / shopping malls that are being developed in metros and mini-metros. The owner can approach banks/ institutions for loans against securitisation of future rent receivables from such properties.

Purpose of the Loan:

Any Productive Purpose such as

  • Business Expansion

  • Education / Marriage Expenses

  • Renovation / Construction of building

  • Repayment of Existing Loans

  • Purchase of House

This type of loan can be sourced from Banks and other financial institution with sound reputation. A loan can be availed upto Rs. 10 cr

Loan Tenure: Upto 15 years


Equipment Finance

Whether the business is large or small, capital is essential to purchase either equipment and machinery or invest in rapid business expansion. Equipment could be in the form of heavy machinery, vehicles, electronics or general office equipment.


SME MaXX links you to the appropriate lender(s) who offer standard financing of equipment and leasing solutions. Customised and structured financial solutions across diversified industries will take care of your business requirement. Target sectors are Information Technology, Healthcare, Chemical, Farm Equiments, etc.



Private and public  firms, listed and unlisted organizations, partnership and sole proprietorship firms with reputable credit ranking and history.


Loan Amount: 25% of the cost of equipment / machinery

Loan Tenure:

60 EMIs Maximum, begining from subsequent month of first disbursement


Hypothecation of vehicles / equipment / machinery financed by the lender


Commercial Vehicle Loan

Every business needs a vehicle to ensure the business’s smooth operation. Vehicle financing services are usually offered by Banks and NBFCs, which can be used for the procurement of used and new vehicles. Loans are given based on business needs and requirements of a customer.

They can be used for the procurement of heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. Such loans are ideal for transport operators who use vehicles like Trailer, Trucks, buses and tankers. Transporter needs to have a minimum of 10 vehicles to qualify for this loan.

The loan covers the financing of vehicle chassis, road tax, insurance and registration.

Often in our lives, we are faced with challenges which requires swift flow of cash. It could be a dream trip with your family, children's higher education, payment of hospital bills or purchase of any consumer goods. Personal Loans help us meet these requirements.



Swift approval, few documentations and fast disbursement.


All persons within the age group of 21 to 65 years

(Eligibility criteria will differ from bank to bank)

Loan Amount: Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 15 lakhs

(Loan amount depends on individual's monthly income, expenses, credit history, age etc.)


Loan Tenure:

1 to 5 years with flexible repayment alternative



This loans do not require any form of collateral security, hence the rate of interest is a bit higher than other loans.


Personal Loans

We often face situations which require a quick cash inflow. Personal loan fills in just that requirement. It could be a dream vacation you have been planning, higher education for self or children, weddings or hospitalization, a home renovation project or upgrade your television or washing machine.

Personal loan can also be used for deposits towards your plot, your new flat or house.


Fast approval , minimal documentation and quick disbursement.


Any individual between the age of 21-65 years

  (Eligibility criteria differs from bank to bank)

Loan Amount:

Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 15 lakhs.

Depends on monthly income, age, expenses, credit history etc.


Loan Tenure:

12 to 60 months with flexible repayment option



Personal loans do not require security or collateral hence Interest rates are slightly higher and could be different for banks.


Working Capital Loans

Fund based facilities (Cash Credit/Overdraft):

The bank provides funding and assistance to fund business inventory (raw materials and finished goods) and receivables (debtors). Margin required is 20%

Non-Funded facilities, i.e. Letter of Credit/ Bank Guarantee - The bank can issue letters of credit or can give a guarantee on behalf of the customer to the suppliers/ Government Departments for the procurement of goods and services on credit.


This facility is available in both Indian as well as in Foreign currency.


Primary: Hypothecation of stock in trade, receivables, machinery, office equipment

Flexible collateral options are available in terms of real estate/ liquid securities.

A company requires working capital to meet its financial obligations and acquire revenue generating assests. Working capital is an important financial instrument which ensures the smooth running of any business.

Working capital loans can be sourced from Banks / Institutions for purchasing inventory or covering up operational expenses. This can be done either by direct funding or issuing letter of credit.


Short Term Loans

This type of loan is used in counteracting shortfall or mismatch in liquidity, when there is a bridge in working capital during the course of business operation.


  • Companies that fall under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with annual revenue standing at Rs. 150 crores

  • Credit rating needs to be satisfactory

  • Audited financial report done within the past 3 years

  • Solid sales, revenue and profit performance


Size of loan:

As much as 25% of available working capital (This will depend on Credit rating). The minimum is Rs. 10 Lakhs, while the Maximum is Rs. 500 Lakhs.


Repayment period spans between 12 to 36 months.

Security for loan can be fixed assets of the company.

Car Loan

Various financial іnѕtіtutіоnѕ in Indіа are offering vast varieties of car lоаnѕ fоr thе widest rаngе оf automobiles and multi-utility vehicles thаt саn bе tаіlоrеd tо ѕuіt уоu.

Car lоаnѕ are аvаіlаblе fоr Self-employed аnd Salaried individuals, Proprietors, Pаrtnеrѕhір organizations, Lіmіtеd Lіаbіlіtу Partnership оrgаnіzаtіоnѕ, HUF Trusts, Cоmраnіеѕ аnd Societies.


Key Bеnеfіtѕ:

  • Loan available upto Rs. 100 Lacs

      (inclusive of Gаѕ-Kіt)

  • Loans are available for bоth nеw and second-hand car

      (Lеѕѕ thаn 3 уеаrѕ old)

  • Loan available upto 95% of thе ѕhоwrооm рrісе on select makes

  • Cоmреtіtіvе interest rates

  • Flеxіblе lоаn repayment реrіоd – from оnе year uр tо 7 уеаrѕ

  • Eаѕу dосumеntаtіоn, ѕwіft ѕаnсtіоn аnd dіѕburѕаl

  • EMI rерауmеnt ѕtаbіlіtу, nоt іnfluеnсеd by unѕtаblе mаrkеt rаtеѕ

  • Idеаl deals аnd lоwеѕt down рауmеnt options


Loan Against Security

Loan against securities can be availed by pledging your investments in Shares, Debentures, Bonds or Mutual Fund Units. It can be used for productive purpose or for meeting contingency which are personal in nature. Thus, one can unlock the value of his investment in securities.


Loan can be availed:

  • Against the security of Relief Bonds/Government Bonds – upto 70% of the market value

  • Against Shares and Debentures - upto 50 % of market value


Loan amount can be 50-70% of the market value in case of shares / debenture


Loan can be availed:

  • Against National Savings Certificates (NSC) / Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) 

  • Against FD Receipts

  • Against the security of Life Insurance Policies – Margin will be % of present surrender value


The Margin will vary from 15-25% depending upon the product and lender 


Gold Loan

By pledging jewellery and gold ornaments at NBFC or bank of repute, one can avail instant Loan. Amount of loan ranges between Rs. 1,000 to Rs 1 Cr. All persons from 18 to 70 years of age can avail gold loan for the period of 1 month to a year.


Due to the rate of interest and certification ease, Gold loans are a preferable bargain than personal loans. Credit card borrowings though easier to avail than Gold Loan, their interest rates are on the higher side.

Utilization of Gold Loan:

  • Working capital or Business expansion requirement

  • Deposit for purchase of vehicle or property

  • Vacation with your family

  • Medical emergency


Key Benefits:

  • Easy documentation

  • Higher loan amount depending on net weight of gold and purity

  • Swift disbursement of loans and security of gold at vaults


Salary Advance Loan

Salary Advance Loan takes care of short-term emergencies when payments have to made, funds are low and the salary is not yet available. These are short term loans for a period of 10-15 days. The borrower is expected to pay the loan from his salary.


Applicant can avail loan upto 70% of his salary, within 2 hours time, through the company HR.

It is the simplest and fastest way of borrowing as the applicant is not required to go through long application process and indefinite approval time.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Turnover of the company must be Rs 100 Cr and above

  • Employee Base – More than 500


Purchase Bill Discounting

Welcome to a great way of managing your working capital gap and getting the best deals from your suppliers. Now you can discount your suppliers’ bills immediately and offer payment within a day or two. This helps you bargain for a better pricing and commercial terms. SME MaXX has tied up with reputed financial institutions that offer this innovative facility.

Purchase bill discounting is a cash-flow acceleration tool, which can be structured as per the requirements of your customers/ dealers.

How does it work?

Purchase bill discounting is simple and efficient. The following diagram depicts the way your seller can receive payments within a couple of days of the sale.

Benefits of this facility:

  • It is a steady, hassle-free and cheaper source of working capital financing

  • Optimisation of working capital cycle

  • Extended credit facility increases purchasing power

  • Faster payments leading to better commercial terms from Seller

  • Simplified documentation and approval procedures

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any proprietorship/ Partnership/ Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies

  • Company Turnover of Rs 100 Crores and above

  • Company must be in business for 5 years

  • Credit Rating should be of Stable grade

  • Preferred sectors – Pharma, FMCG, Manufacturing and trading concerns

  • This facility is currently available only to companies in southern and western India

The following is the process flow:


Sales Bill Discounting

SMEs' financial health depends greatly upon the swift realisation of receivables. Many financial institutions have come up with various schemes to ease the receivable problems of SME sector and enhance their liquidity.


The discounting of Sales Bills facility offers financing by discounting vendors' sales bills. It helps lessen the problem of late payments to SMEs as regard to their credit sales by making available to them, finance against bills of exchange or invoices as a result of such sales.

This arrangement covers the discounting of bills arising from sale of original accessories/ components/intermediates by a unit of SME.


Limits are authorized to:


  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in manufacturing or job works that has to do with sales of components to large and medium scale Units.

  • Big organizations acquiring raw materials from SMEs. These sales bills /invoices are discounted by financial institutions/ banks within the sanctioned limit and payment effected to the working capital account of the SME supplier/ service provider. On the due date, the Purchaser makes payment to lender. These limits are renewed yearly.


Advantages of this financing solution are:


  • Fast receivables realisation into cash

  • Helps build solid relationships with channel partners and vendors

  • Assures working capital finance at competitive credit cost

  • Through higher purchasing ability, it enhances sales

  • Leads to cash discount from vendors

  • Efficient management of cash

  • Faster Turn Around Time (TAT) and easy procedures


Collateral Free Business Loans

For small businesses to thrive, loans are required. However, they may not have the necessary collateral required for the loan.


Collateral free business loans upto Rs 40 Lacs are offered by our lending partners.


  • Loan Tenure – from 1 to 5 years

  • Requirements of Collateral  - NIL

  • Interest rate - 17% to 22% being total Unsecured in nature

  • Swift Average Turnaround Time(TAT) which is 4 days to 1 week

  • Maximum Industry tenure of 5 years (3 years usually)

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • All business organization with a reputed credit history

  • Sole Proprietorship Firms, Self Employed Professionals, Partnership firms, Private Limited Companies, and Closely held Public Limited company can avail this loan

  • All applicants must have business vintage above 3 Years.

  • They must have Audited Balance Sheets or Financials for the past 2 years

  • Minimum cash profit of Rs 5 Lacs in the latest financial year.


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