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LMS Software


Do You Need A LMS Software?

LMS(Learning Management Software) is a software application or a web based solution backed up by a robust database. Its primary function is to plan, create, implement, track and assess learning related to a specific domain of education.


The instructors have all the possible tools required by him via this application to make complete courses, tests, enrol students, monitor their participation and review the performance, provide feedbacks and finally to certify him/her for a course done/completed. SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a very popular industry standard specification created for standardizing the LMS processes.

It has two distinct parts:

  • A Server to perform main functions of the application (like creation of courses, syllabus, their management and delivery modes, verifying users, show appropriate courses, notifications, certifications etc.), and

  • A User Interface which runs in a browser, normally, used by administrators, mentors/instructors and students.

LMS software can be used from Enterprises to SMEs for Employee Orientation, Employee Training, Acquire Knowledge Base, and Education. With an LMS, the company can cut down costs involved in upgrading your employee’s knowledge and avoid business disruptions (when they take breaks for traditional courses). It requires less effort, money and time for a company when it uses LMS, instead of conventional seminars by instructors. LMS also provides complete overview of the employee’s performance, his understanding, and reports to the company.

How To Select A LMS Software?


Define your strategic, functional, cost and technical requirements which are discrete and non-overlapping.


Think and plan your content to be used for courses.... Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, PDF, PowerPoint presentation, Flash (animation) files or Infographics?


Specify the features and specific functions that you want in your choice of LMS software.

Technical Expertise

Although we should always put a person with good technology know-how in the leading position but an easy to use interface can help everyone (especially non-tech savvy people) when they are using it as a user.

Budget & Timeframe

Do not go only for monthly/deployment fees. Look closely at the price you will incur on the whole software and its services. Decide on the timeframe in which your solution should be implemented.


Ask your software solution vendor to provide you with at least three references with whom you can cross-check about the software’s functioning, ease of use, any software related issues.


Is the user interface easy to navigate? Individual or group login and password? Password recovery process? 

Is it having mobile phone app or support? Safety and security of users personal data? 

Integration with other softwares to import content from them?


Best bets for LMS Softwares

Best  overall

Cost : 

(per user per month)

Starting from £0.08(50000 to 100000 users) to £3.00(1 to 50 users), Depending upon no. of users.

Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
S, M, L
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Creation of courses, sharing lessons with staff.

  • Student scores tracking and reporting.

  • Assisted learning notes and in-class notes included.

  • Tools to manage fresher /new employees on-boarding, skill-level testing, reviews, setting target, their management.

  • Flexible pricing fitting to the need of any size of business.

Cost : 
Available on Request
Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Excellent, customizable although complicated platform.

  • Offers solution for middle and large sized segment organizations.

  • It can induct, train and manage a company’s human resource.

  • Provides cloud based hosting with a centralized user interface and support model.

  • Features – Applicant’s tracking, Sourcing, Reviewing, Flexibility for scaling.

  • Learning, Competency and Compensation Management.

  • Complimentary software updates every quarter.

Cost : 

(Billed Annually)

200 Active Learners: $295/month

500 Active Learners: $495/month

1000 Active Learners: $745/month

Customized pricing for other requirements.

Features : 
Platforms : 
MAC/Windows/Linux / Mobile ready
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Provides easy and intuitive user-interface.

  • Can be used for online training, trainer-led courses, certification & compliance management.

  • Comes with HTML5 content authoring, webinars, ecommerce and HRIS (Human Resource Information System) - fully integrated.

  • Multimedia resources such audio, video, presentations supported.

  • User interface personalization.

  • Large number of users (over 200,000) and over 25000 learning elements supported.

Cloud / On premise
M, L
S, M
Cloud / On - premise

Best for Enterprise

Best for SMEs

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring LMS softwares for Businesses that you should definitely consider. They have features or special deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

Showcase: Our full list of LMS softwares


Excellent Micro learning tool for teaching professional skills, Fully web-based, Easy to use and navigate, multiple platform support, shows custom content based on pre-tests, over 4500 video tests & lessons, excellent customer service, very helpful reporting tools, automatic emailing feature.

Flipside – Uploading your video or content gives issues. Costly for an organization, business or a school.


BlueVolt is ideal for Distribution/Salesforce & Manufacturing industry, has a great user interface, provides good support, allows customized interface, easy course content creation, good reporting tool, built-in incentive/reward programme, and good software for small to mid-sized companies, provides frequent enhancements and updates. Provides mobile support. Hosted in cloud hence can be accessed anywhere by anyone.

Flipside –Work can be done in UI, reporting tool and email.


Very simple cloud/web-based LMS platform for users and administrators. Ideal for big companies (<500 people). Intuitive software, users can stop and re-start their course from same point from different devices, tracks student/trainee performance, admin can create learners groups and can create quizzes, SCORM course content can be imported, highly responsive team, 24x7 support, reasonable price, provides mobile support.

Flipside – Needs single page sign-on. Reporting tool needs to be improved.

Edmego LMS

Cloud/Web-based software for small to mid-size companies and educational sector. Easy to use intuitive user interface, excellent features like custom content creation, uploading SCORM courses, social learning, search third-party courses in the marketplace, reporting tools which show data based on various criteria, good customer support, and reasonable price. Gamification option also provided.

Healthcare Source Net Learning LMS

Cloud-based software dedicated completely to the healthcare industry. Offers applicant tracking, on-boarding, and learning and performance management. Completely efficient hiring management process, monitor staff performance, automated workflow for appraisals, sends reminders for set targets to keep the trainees on-track. 

Flipside – Too many filter, third-party integration options needed, limited reporting feature, bulk module uploading functionality not existing.


LearnUpon is easy to use, available in five languages, comes with good FAQs, exceptional customer support. Has E-Commerce functionality with PayPal and Shopify. iOS and Android apps available. Courses content creation can be done by other digital format like Word, PowerPoint, pdf, video, SCORM and Tin Can. Department/Job Role/Location based groups can be made by admin. Multi-currency supported.

Flipside – Customizable dashboard, Option to put a training calendar is needed.

Halogen Talent Space LMS

Talent Management Suite is designed to offer industry specific solutions to solve their unique issues like healthcare, manufacturing, education, professionals. It offers performance reviews, complete feedback, compensation and appraisal management, recruitment management etc. Very user friendly, intuitive, quick learning curve, Excellent customer service.

Flipside – Improvement required in search features, setting goals etc.  Price high for small businesses.


CODiE award winner education sector oriented LMS. User-friendly for students, Facebook like interface, bulletin board available for teachers, different codes for teachers & parents, ensures discipline in students as everything can be seen by parents, creation of tests in all formats, has course level, group level & system settings to customize it to your needs & show specific content to a certain user group. Works extremely well on mobiles.

Flipside – The learning process training required, more functionality in assessing and grading students and Un-enrolling feature required.


This suite has a unique trademark modules namely,HIRE™ (complete recruitment cycle handled here), LEARN™ (complete eLearning managed in this module) and SCHEDULE™ (scheduling employees work and allotment of project/assessments). Scalable system. Good customer service.

Flipside – No update to manager/admin if employees change their records which affects their payroll. More features required for multi-location companies.

Inquisiq R4

Inquisiq R4 provides creation of content, courses and the delivery of training on a single platform. It includes bended learning feature too. Automated features include courses registrations, assignments to groups, permissions, reports and email reminders. All important information is presented on a single dashboard. It’s ideal for SMEs, non-profit and government organizations.

Flipside – Only SaaS model, so per user costs.

eLeap LMS

Cloud-based, customizable software aiding in improving team performance, decrease overhead, automated features and advanced reporting. It features course content creation, all format of documents supported, certifications, third-party API integration, single sign-on, progress tracking. Full SCORM compliant.

Flipside – Difficult to search a particular user in the system.

Inspired LMS

Offers instructor/trainer led courses along with custom content creation. Solution serves many industries, fully SCORM and AICC compliant, available as web/cloud-based and locally hosted, features include scheduling calendar, rules/permissions for user groups, automatic enrolment, combines eLearning, multiple types of documents in eTraining, personalized instructor driven courses. Ideal for mid-sized to large enterprises.


Web-based LMS, practical software, easy to use, intuitive interface, long trial period. Unlimited course content creation, different access levels for different user groups, User disengagement can be tracked, provides support for tablets, mobiles, and all computers. Branding and e-commerce feature to sell courses to partners, clients or resellers.

Flipside – Video options and Customer service need improvement.


Free, customizable, scalable, secure, cloud-based LMS providing educators with an e-learning tool. Offers AICC/SCORM compliance, TINCAN API, Asynchronous and blended learning, Social learning, Student portal, Classroom and certificate management, Gamification, Video conferencing. Great community support.

Flipside – So feature rich that there’s a steep learning curve, No site-wide reporting for multiple courses.


Supports various business sectors like IT, engineering, manufacturing, finance, software development etc. It is an open platform which can integrate with existing third party applications (CRM, LMS, HRIS, cloud storage etc.). Unique in the feature that it is employee-driven learning working on the basis of their motivation like enhancing skills, recognition, helping others succeed.

Flipside – Upgrades and new features will take time to be completed as they have a small team.

ePath Learning ASAP

It is a web-based LMS to manage and track employee’s performance. Provides basically all features of content and course creation, assessments, tracking progress and reports of employees. Permissions and rules can be set for groups to enable custom content availability. User management fully provided. eSource is a social module which gives access to live, private and secure social collaboration.

Can be used by all levels of SML enterprises.

Flipside – Cloud-based only.

Tracorp LMS

TraCorp is a flexible and customizable solution for corporates which gives you full control on content, allows content created in other applications, user management, certificate management, reporting tools, and automated email features. SCORM and AICC compliant. Users can also group courses category wise, mark favourites, search live sessions/courses easily.

Flipside – Reporting not great. Too many small updates frequently.

Quest Track

Intuitive Web-based solution, providing tools for course/content creation, tracking trainees, detailed reports, easy integration with third-party software like CRM. Completely customizable to maintain the brand culture within the software. Can be implemented sooner than other LMS, scalable and flexible. Ideal for mid-sized to large segment companies in hospitality, retailing, food, and beverage industries.

Flipside –Small bugs like password ‘should’ be without special characters, and issues while viewing videos.


Easy to use, flexible, integrated learning methodology provided by Pearsons and Kaplan. Heart of the software is the tool used for course content creation featuring customized courses, uploading content created in other applications like word, PDF etc, automated assessments, rewards/incentives for completion and passing courses, message and discussion boards. LearnCore makes special analytical reports for each user based on the features mentioned above.

Flipside –Needs improved video functionality. No on-premise option.

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