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Riscover is your personal risk protection dashboard, that helps you save costs & buy the right insurance

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Get bulk purchase benefits, Gain free risk advisory and save with Insurance Groups 

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SME Riscover: Why Join?

Riscover is about  risk management and not just buying insurance. It is about coming together to get smarter and more affordable insurance solutions.

People that work for you...
Not the insurance company 

No Pesky phone calls 
No pressure to buy anything 

Get free risk advisory services
Get bulk benefits, rarely offered individually 

How does it work?

Upload all your existing insurance policies

Answer a few questions and get your risk profile 

Understand where you are protected and where you are vulnerable

Join collective risk management groups to get better coverage at lower costs.

What is the benefit of SME Riscover:

Understand Risks, Enhance Protection:

  • Discover real risks, Manage in multiple ways

  • Insurance is compensation after you suffer 

Come Together, Bargain Better 

  • Join with your peers to get collective deals

  • Explore the complete range of saving options  

Better Negotiation, Faster Resolution

  • Let  professionals review your coverage terms 

  • Make sure your Insurance is really effective

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Don't Miss Out On The Golden Opportunity 
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