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Multiple Risks, One Solution

Before you Insure, Join Riscover

Riscover:  India's first SME risk assessment platform

Risks are dangerous and insurance is complicated! Get expert assistance to cover your risks and reduce your insurance spend. Spend 10 minutes now for the safety and security of your company. It is Free!

Find out your protection level with a free Risk Assessment Report

Upload all your policies for easy access and renewal reminders

Get tips from insurance experts for safer coverage and cost savings

Get Started: About your Company
What best describes your risk appetite?
What reduction in insurance spend do you want?
What is your business entity (legal entity)?
How many individuals work for your company?
What is the breakdown of these individuals?
Full or part-time Employees :
Sub-contractors/Consultants :
How many years has your company been in existence?
What is the annual revenue of your business?
How many years of experience does the CEO/owner of your company have in your industry?
What best describes your company’s place of business (click all that apply)
In addition to the owners of the business, does your company have a board of directors or officers named in your bylaws?
About your Business
What industry is your company in?
How does your company earn revenues?
Do you sell Goods or Services on Credit?
Does Your Company Export?
Does your company manage any hazardous goods?
Is there a risk of work related injury or threats for your employees?
Will your’s or any of your key employees’ absence cause a large impact on your revenues?
Would you like to offer the benefits of group health cover to your employees?
Do you provide goods or service where there is a high chance of customer complaints?
Is there a chance that any of your competitors or customers may try to sue you or damage your reputation?
Do you or your employees travel on business?
Do you run the risk of being sued for loss of customer data?
Do you hold any valuables, IP or other property that can cause a huge loss if stolen?
Do your customers or vendors mandate you to carry any type of insurance?
Does your business involve transacting or storing or transfer of cash?
Do you run the risk of employee or third-party theft, fraud and forgery?
Do you foresee any risk of events that could cause Business Interruption?
What type of Insurance do you already have? Upload all existing policies if possible (please select all that apply)
Upload Policies
If you currently have business insurance, please indicate the following: (optional)
Current provider :
Expiration Date :
Annual Premium Range :
Please describe any additional requirements or specifics about your insurance needs. The more information you can provide here, the more accurately we can estimate risk
Let's finish up! Who do we have the pleasure of working with on this request?
Name :
Company Name :
Email :
Phone No. :

Your details has been submitted

Disclaimer: Riscover services and Riscover reports are business risk assessment and mitigation reports for educational and preliminary awareness purposes only and not a substitute for professional risk assessment advice. We advice users to consider their own situation in detail and if required discuss with a risk assessment professional before acting on any recommendation provided by Riscover. Users are solely responsible for any action/inaction based on Riscover reports.  We are not an Insurance broker, agent or aggregator. No insurance solicitation, sales are made and/ or advice is offered through our website. Any insurance advice or sales as a follow up to Riscover reports are offered by licensed insurance brokers at the discretion of the users. We accept advertisements from Insurance companies and insurance brokers, however these do not influence Riscover reports.

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