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MaXX Group Care

Employees focus on giving their 100% at work when they are reassured

their family's and their healthcare requirements are taken care of.


It's our responsibility to think for those who help us succeed. Your customers / members /employees are the real drivers of change for you & we are committed to safeguard them against any Health related exigencies. With Group Care - our comprehensive health insurance that offers plan that best suits your employee's needs and help them stay financially afloat. It is best suited for institutions which looks for premium and quality healthcare coverage for their most valuable assets. It offers wide range of sum insured options from 2 Lakhs & 5 lakhs and host of additional benefits like wellness initiatives, and many more....

In line with our objective of ensuring good health! Our Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan – Group Care; helps safeguard the most important asset for you i.e. your employees / Customer/ employees, against financial risks arising out of a medical emergency.

Features & Benefits


  • Coverage at every step with 30 Day Pre & 60 Day Post Hospitalization Cover.

  • In-Patient Hospitalization covering Room rent, doctor’s surgery, ICU charges and much more.

  • 540+ Day Care Treatments for all hospitalization less than 24 hours.

  • Domestic Road Ambulance Cover in case of an emergency.

  • Flexibility to select Sum Insured amount.

Sum Insured (SI) in INR
2 Lakhs and 5 Lakhs
Cover Type
Entry Age
18 - 60 years
Pre-policy Medical Check-up
Policy Tenure
1 year
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