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Equipment Finance

Never Apply For Loans Directly Again

 Do not waste your time or harm your credit score by applying to multiple lenders. Our technology will help you identify the best loan type and connect with the lenders most likely to approve your loan at the least interest rates


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Whether the business is large or small, capital is essential to purchase either equipment and machinery or invest in rapid business expansion. Equipment could be in the form of heavy machinery, vehicles, electronics or general office equipment.


SME MaXX links you to the appropriate lender(s) who offer standard financing of equipment and leasing solutions. Customised and structured financial solutions across diversified industries will take care of your business requirement. Target sectors are Information Technology, Healthcare, Chemical, Farm Equipments, etc.



Private and public  firms, listed and unlisted organizations, partnership and sole proprietorship firms with reputable credit ranking and history.


Loan Amount: Up to 90% of the cost of equipment / machinery

Loan Tenure:

Usually 60 EMI , beginning from subsequent month of first disbursement


Hypothecation of vehicles / equipment / machinery financed by the lender

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