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  Benefit from a billion dollar opportunity to sell directly to customers and importers in North America and Europe during the holiday shopping season

What Is ESAP?
Ecommerce Sales Acceleration Program is a training, facilitation and support program that is designed to help Indian exporters sell directly to B2B and B2C customers in top markets of North America and Europe like USA, UK and Canada.
ESAP will guide  to effectively leverage new opportunities like the “Amazon Global Seller  program” to directly reach the US customers as well as equip them with effective marketing materials that appeal to the US customer. By selling directly, Indian exporters can gain higher margins and reduce their dependence on third parties to showcase their products.
The culture, usage of English and customers’ buying behaviour in these markets is very different than India. Program participants will receive support and learn about strategies to overcome these differences and successfully sell in the US. 
ESAP aims to support thousands of  Indian exporters to sell their products to the US customers over the next 5 years. 
Why WinOnline



Get an overview of the process for selling directly to US customers. Find out how your company can benefit.



Attend online and live training programs to understand the US market and prepare your company to sell in the USA.



Activate your seller account and complete other formalities. Get your marketing materials in place and start selling.



Teams from India and USA will support you to popularize your listings and enhance your sales. Watch your dollar dreams now
come true!

The product categories most suited for ESAP

how can You Gain?

Attend An Overview Workshop to Get The Insights!

How to be a part of Global Seller Programs.

Introduction to the USA holiday season and demand for various products.

Successful strategies used by USA companies to sell during holiday season.

How to select, package, describe and display your products for the USA market?

Parallel marketing strategies to get more customers and rank higher on US eCommerce websites

How to kick start your US ecommerce sales? 

Thank You for your interest. We will call you soon.

Don't Miss Out On The US Holiday Season. 
Register and Get Started Right Away! 
Disclaimer: ESAP is an independent training and business facilitation program launched by SME MaXX, to help Indian SMEs benefit from the new opportunities in the export sector. It is no way connected with the "Make In India" program of the Government of India or the Amazon Global Seller Program. We do not have any commercial links with any other party for promoting or implementing this program.
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