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ERP Software

The first software investment to make as you scale up your business.


Do You Need An ERP Solution?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a term used by the industry to encompass a wide range of activities of an organization to manage its business and workflow. The main goal of an ERP solution is to give one user-interface to enable the collection, organization and smooth flow of data/information across all the involved departments. This helps the management to get clarity on all the aspects of the integrated business flow.

Now, the question is when do you really need ERP solution? If your data is repetitive, it takes a lot of time to find it, worries you about securing important ones, ill equipped to do transactions or processing or takes times to consolidate inventory/sales/profit, then make sure you get an ERP. It helps you put everything in one place and in an integrated manner.

All businesses are not the same, so features which work for one business/organization might not work for the other business/organization. For example, an ERP that works wonderfully for manufacturing may not work for a company in hospitality or education sector.

To sum up, using an ERP solution helps the businesses to manage, integrate and then plan for the resources required for their processes. Therefore, their use improves quality, efficiency, productivity of the respective departments and the company, in general.

How To Select An ERP Solution?

The first Step

You should first define and put on paper your current business process, your weak points and plan how your business process should look like with an ERP in place. 

Open Source or not

Choosing between open source or proprietary or commercial, depends on the size of your company and its financial capabilities. 

Local or Cloud

These depend on factors like cost, hardware software needs, plan for maintainence, the future and scope of the whole application.

Scalable or Flexible

Scalability plays an important role for growing businesses. Scalable means it can adapt to change and grow as per the company’s requirement.

The User Interface

The interface should be simple, clean, well designed with ease of navigation. Complex systems reduce productivity and results in loss of time of the people using it.

Training Support

For any ERP it is an “absolute requirement” to have training. Training is different for different level of jobs in the same company for example, different training for managers & clerics.


Ask your software solution vendor to provide you with at least three references with whom you can cross-check about the software’s functioning, ease of use &any software related issues.

Mobile and Devices

When you finalize the software, make sure it works on all type of devices and all resolutions used in your company.


Best bets for ERP Solutions

Best Overall

Cost : 
Available on Request
Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
S, M, L
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Horizontal, Scalable system to serve businesses of all sizes.

  • Supports many business processes – Consumer package goods, Services, Products, Manufacturing and Asset Management.

  • Architecture flexible for different OS

  • Supports multiple language and currencies.

  • Easy to customize.

Cost : 
Licensed through monthly subscription fees calculated on a named-user basis.
Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Hosted on cloud.

  • Provides you with : CRM,  Financial Management, Project Management, Microsoft Excel integration,Supply chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, HR, Executive Management Console.

  • SAP manages hosting, maintenance, upgrades, backup and recovery.

  • Three kinds of “named-user” basis subscription made available : Self-service users, Team users, and Enterprise Users.

Cost : 
Available on Request
Features : 
Platforms : 
Business Size : 
Ease of Use : 
Deployment :
Customer Service : 
  • Perfect for service contractors who work in field service company.

  • Purchased as a complete integrated suite.

  • Provides modules for job cost estimation, service management, sales, accounting.

  • Excellent customizations review.

  • Customers have 24/7 support.

PC/ Cloud
S, M
S, M, L
PC/ Cloud

Best for Construction and Service 


Best Cloud-based SaaS for SMEs

Featured : Strong and Powerful

Featuring ERP Solutions that you should definitely consider. They have features or special deals that are too attractive to ignore or have been recently reviewed in greater detail

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Showcase: Our full list of ERP softwares

Blue Link ERP

Windows based ERP solution Blue Link provides an integrated ERP with inventory management and accounting software solution. Available as on-premise and SaaS for small to mid-sized companies.

Multi-company, Multi-user, Multi-currency, Integration with PayMate(payroll management) feature included in the ERP.

Highlight of this ERP is that it can track LOT numbers and Expiry dates so it becomes important for Pharmaceuticals/Chemical industry, Medical & Equipment supplies and Food & Beverage industry.

Flipside – No support for mobiles. 24x7 phone support not provided. Modules like barcode scanning, sales order accrual & Document management system not included within ERP. Some important features are available only on purchasing like sales budget or estimate, POS etc.


EVO~ERP is a solution which provides an interface to control manufacturing, accounting, inventory, and sales processes. Very flexible, scalable, multi-lingual, multi-currency abilities helps it to deliver faster return-on-investment.

Flipside – No SaaS option. The ERP solution’s implementation takes too long. No support for mobiles. Requires purchasing of customer support.


Entrée is a Windows-based on-premise ERP solution specifically made for Food Distributors.The integrated ERP suite features complete functionality like inventory management, purchasing and registering order, accounting, truck routing, warehouse management, and reporting.

Flipside – Does not offer cloud based or SaaS options. Incompatible with Mac or Linux. Need training.

Cetec ERP

Cetec is a web-based ERP, offered both as on-premise as well as SaaS and supports mobiles, advanced data analysis, customization and configuration according to the user likes.

Modules integrated in the ERP are job costing, purchasing, sales, inventory and orders, customer relationship management, document management, scheduling tasks, reporting and security.

Flipside – Offered only as a full version and not scaled to your company’s requirement. Doesn’t support third-party integration. Scalability of features is not seen, in general.

Henning Visual EstiTrack ERP

Fully integrated suite of applications for quoting/estimation, CRM, sales, orders, time management, costing and inventory, purchasing, receiving, shipping, reporting(Gantt charts) invoicing to delivering the product.

Suitable for make-to-order, assemble-to-order tools & dies manufacturer etc.

Flipside – Runs only on windows.

Profit Key ERP

Profit Key International developed a unique RRM (Rapid Response Manufacturing) which is a full-fledged ERP plus MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solution. RRM comes with an additional QA (Quality Assurance) module.

In simple words, it helps the company to run efficiently by improving manufacturing process using live centralized data. All the important modules are integrated which give accurate reports using General Ledger Report writer.

Flipside – No major downside.

Infor Visual ERP

Infor Visual’s a good cost-effective ERP solution with complete functionality to unify all the core manufacturing operations. Takes care of all activities like Planning to Procurement and Designing to Handing over of the project.

Flipside – Limitation in accounting module, no mobile support, limitation in language support, no forum for customer collaboration.

Batchmaster ERP

Batchmaster ERP software was made for Formula based manufacturers like Food and Beverage, Neutraceutical, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, and Chemical Sciences. Supports easy integration with third-party applications. It is easy to use, user-friendly interface and has an excellent integration between manufacturing and financial module.

Flipside – Runs only on windows, No HR module, No mobile support.


A novel feature rich ERP solution which was made especially for Apparel manufacturers. Included functionalities are Cut planning, Fabric inspection, CMT production and 2D size ranges in addition to the regular ERP features of orders, inventory, crystal reports etc.

Flipside – Available only in-premise and is windows based.

ICIM ERP by Metasystems

Made for discrete manufacturing small to mid-sized companies this ERP integrates all operations/applications like workbenches, order, inventory, financial, warranty management, product configuration, engineering, CRM etc.

Flipside – Customization of the software can be a challenge, No fixed asset module.

Enterprise IQ

EnterpriseIQ is a manufacturing specific ERP to be used in companies where repetitive tasks are performed like Aerospace, medical devices, automotive, plastic, rubber, automotive etc. Uses Oracle as its backend, is scalable, extended for mobile users, and completely supported by the company representatives and support staff.

Flipside – NA.

Company’s reputation seems very impressive and No negative reviews were to be found.

ProcessPro Premier

ProcessPro Premier is designed specifically for batch process manufacturer keeping the business processes in mind. This scalable software was made keeping Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Specialty Chemicals and Nutraceutical etc. Live support is provided. Very cooperative vendor.

Flipside – Not available.

WorkWise ERP

WorkWise is flexible, on-premise hosted software. It has over 45 applications integrating “Role-based Workbenches” ™ meaning that we can create custom workbenches as per the employee groups we have in our company. This increases productivity, employee’s performance, customer service and decreases costs.

Flipside – Accounting/Finance and Security modules have scope for improvement.

E2Shop System

E2Shop System is made particularly for job-based manufacturing software for machine shops, job shops, and make-to-order manufacturers. It integrates the diverse business operations into a single software solution. Performs all jobs from estimation, purchase, shipping, CRM, account management.

Flipside – Software gets complicated and freezes sometimes.


Intacct is a financial accounting software system which is web-based catering to small to mid-sized businesses. It is provided as a SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) using Oracle as a database.

Flipside – Support can be improved, difficult to create custom templates for invoices, PO’s, reporting, occasionally slow etc.


It is Distribution One’s ERP which caters to wholesale and distribution sectors and supports multiple industries. Rich in features like accounting, orders, inventory, logistics, CRM, third-party integration, Mobile Application and/or hosted solution. Solution can be hosted on-premise, as SaaS or be cloud-based.

Flipside – In some places text is very small. It takes some time to learn your way through the software.


Specialized and scalable ERP for Chemical process manufacturers and distributors. Flexible solution which can be customized to your company’s size and needs. Solid CRM, supply chain management, business intelligence, financial management, multi-language, multi-currency are some of the features.

Flipside –

No SaaS, third-party integration.

Doesn’t cater to manufacturing sector.

Interface issues are there.


DeltekAjera is a perfect solution for architects and engineers especially for small to medium size company as it is a bundled version of project management and accounting software. It features enhanced CRM, timesheets, billing, pipeline automation tools, proposal automation, and business intelligence.

Flipside –Too many small updates frequently.

Sage ERP

Sage ERP is an ERP catering to small to large businesses.Supports repetitive, make-to-order; made-to-order and new process manufacturing process. Offers functionality for accounting, inventory, HR, SCM, multi-language, and multi-currency. Three ERP softwares are there – Sage ERP MAS, ERP X3, and ERP Accpac.

Flipside – Lacking social CRM, social media tools, marketing tools, single data centre in Dublin.


Netsuite is a good cloud-based management integrating Financial system, CRM, and Ecommerce. It serves businesses of all sizes, industry and covers all major departments of a business.

Flipside – ERP solution needs to be improved. No on-premise option.

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