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Friendly Organization

Certification (EFO 9001)




EFO 9001

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The EFO 9001 certification is just one click away

Size does not matter nor does your line of business. All it requires is management,
vision and commitment to invest in your people and to consider them as
valued partners in your business success.

Invest in the best practices that built great companies

Answer questions
to get started 

You will receive an online qualification questionnaire. Please answer all questions and submit for review.


The questions will be about your HR systems and processes, employee skill development, productivity measurement goals. Also included are questions about facilities and work life balance

HR systems and
process review

You will receive a qualification review.
If the review is positive, we will schedule an onsite review with the HR and the management and award a provisional EFO 9001 certification.


If we find any gaps in the review , we will support you to enhance your systems and processes.

Review employee

Through a series of surveys and workshops conducted in collaboration with the HR team,  we will analyse if the benefits of the company's HR process are being experienced by employees. We will also help you close any gaps.


This process leads to full certification as an Employee Friendly Organization  

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Rapidly build trust and gain competitive advantage

Increase Productivity and Retain your best employees 

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Why be Employee Friendly

It is no secret that some of the most successful companies in the world are also Employee Friendly Organizations. Look deeper into the growth stories of small businesses that have grown into today's giants and you will find a group of highly engaged employees that made it possible.

Admiration drives performance

Admiration for the workplace is considered to be a prime driver of ownership and engagement amongst employees and a virtual magnet for talented staff. Several published studies have shown a direct correlation between the quality of a workplace and business performance.

What does research say?
Research by the consulting firm, McKinsey & Co also indicates that there is strong correlation between an organisation's corporate culture and its financial performance. According to the leading global recognition provider Globoforce, high employee engagement is the key to boosting business results across the board on metrics like customer satisfaction, safety, productivity, and profitability.



Reduction in absentism and employee turnover 




Reduction in product defects ( a measure for enhanced quality)



Enhanced productivity results across the spectrum 



Higher profitability in organization with greater engagement

Certification and Corporate Branding

The “Employee Friendly Organization", provisional certificate is awarded to companies that successfully complete the first assessment. You will also receive the privilege of displaying the EFP logo on your website along with a unique "Admiration Number" and receive a display memento.




EFO 9001

Full Certifications are awarded to companies that satisfactorily complete both the parts.

How can you become a 'Employee Friendly


'The Employee Friendly Organization' process is based on extensive research into top rated workplace cultures and HR practices. Findings from the research have been assimilated as 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into our "Global Admiration Index".


The Index is used to compare your company culture and practices with the gold standard globally in an objective manner.

The 'Global Admiration Index' assessment results provide clear conclusions, data and aspiration benchmarks. These could be readily used to set priorities and make improvements in your workplace practices to enhance business performance.

The 'Global Admiration Index'  assessment is a two step process. There is a 6 months gap between the first step and the second step.




EFO 9001

Part One

The first part is about your organizational policies and practices, through which we evaluate management commitment and actions for employee engagement and empowerment.


Provisional Certifications are awarded to companies that satisfactorily complete the first part.

Part Two

The second part is an assessment of employee experience of the workspace. This process involves targeted employee surveys and group workshops to evaluate "Work Culture in Practice", and “Employee Trust Factor".


This process can identify gaps between the intent of people management policies and employees' perception.

People matter for your continued success

The people element remains important even when businesses have the best of resources, market opportunity and backing.

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