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Connect with 100s of sourcing managers and small businesses globally

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DEXPO : Your gateway to the world

DEXPO is a specialised program for Indian exporters to identify and share their digital catalogues with sourcing professionals and small businesses globally  

100% Verified Buyers and sourcing professionals

Crossing the Bridge
How does it work?

Give us your digital product catalogue or your website address

Answer a few questions about your target buyer profile

We will share your catalogue with sourcing professionals and business owners

Sharing is done digitally through  LinkedIn and our email database

What are the benefit of DEXPO

Higher enquiries, better orders:

- More sourcing managers see your products

- Right targeting of sourcing managers 

Lesser competition, faster action

- Not a marketplace with100s of suppliers

- Immediate connection to right buyers

Fully confidential, lesser frustration

- Share latest designs with confidence

- Avoid junk enquires and wasted quotes

The product categories most suited for DEXPO

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