Corona Lifeline Alliance

Not- For - Profit Initiative to help SMEs affected by Corona shutdowns survive and sustain their business

Options to contribute without any additional expenditure or straining your budgets

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Support the Corona Lifeline Alliance

Sponsor focussed programs that Small Business desperately need today

Digital EXPO reach out and engage customers


Contact Less Shopping App for MSME


Support Business Continuity Planning


Help them access all Government schemes

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How can you be a part of the Lifeline Alliance?

Divert a part of Media Budget to Direct SME Reach

Transfer a small part of your budget meant for TV, Newspaper Ads or Digital advertising to SME awareness campaigns. We will send your creatives alongside emails, WhatsApp messages et al to target SMEs

Sponsor a Product or Service For SMEs

We are offering thousands of free tech based products and services to SMEs, these include DistAnce Contact Less App, Scheme-finder tool, DEXPO (Digital Export Promotion), and TechVisor 

Offer Direct Sales Discounts or Freebies To SMEs

Bypass channel by offering special rates for your tech products and services through SME MaXX. Primary focus is products and services that allow remote working and those that are critical for business and personal safety

Facilitate Expert Consultations For SMEs

SME MaXX facilitates SMEs access to expert consultants in different areas to help them with critical expertise for their business. Your contribution can help SME MaXX defray or subsidise the costs of such consultation

Spread The Word

If not anything else, you can still add immense value by sharing our posts and spreading information about the help line to your friends in the Industry and in the SME Sector

Saying Thanks

Your contributions will be well acknowledged

Certificate and Memento at
Official Felicitation

Social Media and Website Acknowledgement

Mention as a Patron on all communications

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