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Working Capital Loans

Fund based facilities (Cash Credit/Overdraft):

The bank provides funding and assistance to fund business inventory (raw materials and finished goods) and receivables (debtors). Margin required is 20%

Non-Funded facilities, i.e. Letter of Credit/ Bank Guarantee - The bank can issue letters of credit or can give a guarantee on behalf of the customer to the suppliers/ Government Departments for the procurement of goods and services on credit.


This facility is available in both Indian as well as in Foreign currency.


Primary: Hypothecation of stock in trade, receivables, machinery, office equipment

Flexible collateral options are available in terms of real estate/ liquid securities.

A company requires working capital to meet its financial obligations and acquire revenue generating assests. Working capital is an important financial instrument which ensures the smooth running of any business.

Working capital loans can be sourced from Banks / Institutions for purchasing inventory or covering up operational expenses. This can be done either by direct funding or issuing letter of credit.

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