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An Amazing New Platform For Your Brand Promotion

A Service That Your Audience Needs, An Unsaturated Medium Thats Highly Engaging Plus Allows For Precise Targeting

Experience an exhilarating promotional response with F.A.C.E

F.A.C.E  offers an excellent medium for marketing to college students, corporate professionals and companies. We offer innovative and un obtrusive ways to reach your audience and to keep them engaged. What's more our solutions are likely to generate an enormous goodwill for you. Interested? Click here to get started

Our Reach And Audience Segmentation  


Students in Graduate & Professional Courses


Young professionals in corporate jobs


CEOs and senior leaders   of Start Ups and SMEs


HR professionals and Sr. managers of MNCs

Types of Promotional Options With F.A.C.E 

For the ease of your planning we have bundled these in to three promotional categories - Advertisement Only, Goodwill Promotion, Customer Engagement.Take Your pick from one of our three promotional categories, or contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.


Advertisement Only

Brochure Promotions, product videos, Sampling and Surveys


Brochure Promotion: Include your advertisements in our  brochures online and offline. We could also carry out a special mailing campaign of a course or service brochure to a select audience with your advertisements.


Product or Service Videos: Use your videos to effectively convey your message. Videos could be incorporated as a part of a course or on the home page of a specific sector. 


Sampling, Coupons and Surveys: Give your potential customers a taste of your products or services through sampling or discount coupon. Get valuable feedback and strategic insights through targeted surveys.


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Goodwill Promotion

These include Course sponsorships or subsidies, product videos, Sampling and Surveys


Course Sponsorships And Subsidies: 

You could sponsor an existing F.A.C.E course of your choice or F.A.C.E can create a customized certificate course for an audience of your choice. The course will carry your branding within the brochure and the course material. 



Pay partial or full course fees for a set number of corporate professionals or companies per course. You could disburse the sponsorships based on a qualitive assessment or a questionnaire based on your product or service area.


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Customer Engagement 

Engage your customers through interactive contests and intellectual activities


Intellectual Promotion: Webinars, Internships

Contribute a Webinar or a Video or arrange for internships or a hands-on experience associated with our courses. Enagage your audience more intimately, while promoting your organization, products or services.

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Contests and Interactive Promotion: 

Ask questions about your band or conduct brand based virtual quizzes or participate in events conducted by F.A.C.E to develop a higher level of engagement with your customers.


Interested? Click here to get started

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