Meet us at The India Fintech Day, by 10,000 Start-ups a #NASSCOM initiative.

We would be delighted to update you on our fintech and financial service initiatives for India's SME community. Please like this post or email us at and we will contact you to set up a meeting. Event: August 29, 2019, at The ITC Hotel Maratha, Mumbai. For details about the event, visit: #IFD2019 #IFDSpeakers #Fintech #SMEs #MSME #10000startups #IFD219 #finance #india #technology

SMEs and Cyber risk - a ticking time bomb!

SMEs are a prime target for cybercriminals because they are believed to have limited resources and employ less technically aware employees than larger enterprises. Despite this, these businesses, their insurance providers and brokers are not assessing their propensity to cyber risk – although tools are available #smes #msme #cyberrisks #brokers #smallbusiness #mediumbusiness #smefinance #insurance

5G deployment to happen much faster in India than that of 3G or 4G

5G deployment to happen much faster in India than that of 3G or 4G. CISCO to increase focus on SMEs in anticipation. 1.As per Sameer Garde, President, Cisco India and SAARC, 5G deployment to happen much faster in India than that of 3G or 4G. 2.The move to 5G is expected to create bigger shifts in the power dynamics for technology players. 3.Service providers such as Reliance Jio and Airtel will need to develop skills and solutions to provide solutions on 5G for enterprises. 4

DHL Express to help Indian SMEs find foreign markets.

DHL Express to help Indian SMEs find foreign markets. 1) 60%-70% of DHL Express business in India comes from SMEs 2) To increase its reach in the country, the company has earmarked $250 million investment into the India business over a five-year period — from 2016 to 2021. 3) For the last three years, DHL has been holding seminars across India to reach out to small companies, especially those making leather products, garments, fashion accessories, and handicrafts, and showing

US Fintech Investment Scenario 2019:

US Fintech Investment Scenario 2019: Report for Angel Investors and Family Offices SME MaXX has prepared a report of investments into the FinTech sector in the United States for the year 2019. It includes the names of the companies, their business model, headquarters location, the funding amount, last funding date & and the Top 5 investors. The report is in the form of a handy spreadsheet. Interested angel investors & Family offices, kindly DM us your name and email ID to rec

Budget 2019: Access to credit, increased ease of doing business, top demands of tier 2, 3-based MSME

Employing over 60 million people and contributing 45% of industrial output and 40% of the country's exports, #MSMEs are the critical growth driver of the Indian economy. However, in recent times, reeling under subdued market demands for their items (both domestically and internationally), coupled with mounting NPAs, and regulations like the GST and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the sector has largely been sailing in rough waters. #sme #msme #smesector #smes

Challenges Indian SME’s Face To Reach The Next Level

Indian #smesector is one of our biggest providers of jobs, from workers to middle management levels. The larger companies have funding to install machinery and automation, which the small scale cannot. Here is an overview of the challenges faced by Indian #SMEs #SME #MSME #msmes

How The Long-Dormant SME Segment Can Finally Hope For A Revival

The landscape of today is changing to make way for rapid #digitisation and #automation of processes across businesses. The economy is inching towards optimisation of #smesector productivity, through technological intervention, easy capital availability through #fintechch and focused regulatory changes. #sme #smes #msme #msmes #smbs #smb

ICICI Bank launches digital banking platform ‘InstaBIZ’ for MSMEs

ICICI Bank announces the launch of a new digital platform called 'InstaBIZ', curated specially for #MSMEs and self-employed customers to enable them to undertake their business banking transactions digitally and instantly. #msme #icicibank #instabiz #sme #smb #smbs #smesector #smes #banking

Digital Export Promotion

How is SME MaXX helping MSMEs for export promotion? SME MaXX is guiding MSMEs to effectively use #LinkedIn and other platforms for export growth promotion. SME MaXX has launched a Digital Export Promotion (DEXPO) offering. It allows #MSMEs to share their business pitch and catalogs with potential customers from across the world. #MSME owners can make new connections digitally with people that matter to their business. DEXPO can be accessed below Follow our page - SME MaXX t

How Digital Hiring Will Drive SME Growth

Going #Digital is the need of the hour for #SME sector in India. Here is an overview of how Digital Hiring Systems can help #SMEs to grow. #msme #smesector #msmes

How SMEs can ensure projects deliver value and ROI Read more at: //

Why is project failure rate high among Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs)? - and what can they do about it? The project failure rate is significantly higher for SMEs; since many of them are yet to adapt to professional project management processes. However, incorporating the 10 simple steps outlined by Sachdeepak Arora in his recent article could bump up success rates. #management #businessandmanagement #projectmanagers #projectmanagement #smesector #smes #smallbusine