Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi inaugurates workshop on ‘Outreach of Emerging Technologies to MSMEs’

Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries has stressed that technology should be used with a view to improve the life condition of poorest of the poor. The Minister inaugurated the workshop on Outreach of Emerging Technologies to MSMEs in New Delhi today. He said that technology is needed for production, preservation and marketing of products and coping up with new technologies is essential to compete in the global ma

Bharatcraft targets Rs. 10 Lakh Crore revenue in the first 3 years

In the Year ended 2018 Flipkart's revenue was approximately 27K crores and Amazon India's revenue was around 22K crores * 1) Two months ago, the government had proposed an Alibaba and Amazon-like e-commerce platform for MSMEs in the country. 2) The portal is on its way, and now we know that it would be named Bharatcraft. 3) The e-commerce portal will provide a platform for MSMEs to market and sell their products which in turn will boost the sector. 4) The MSME minister says t

How an Indian SME went global using LinkedIn?

Looking to take your SME business global? or Looking for an international assignment? LinkedIn could be your best bet! This is a true story of how Srihari Balakrishnan, Managing Director, KG Denim, made 4 business changes and incorporated LinkedIn in to his marketing mix to take his company global. Need help from SME MaXX to use LinkedIn and other online tools to grow your exports or take your business international? Apply at: or Read the full story at

Why India needs more “Bijness Bhais” to get the MSME sector online

For small or local businesses in particular, creating a website is crucial for attracting a loyal audience and growing over time. However a very small proportion of SMEs invest in an effective online presence and even fewer maintain it regularly. Awareness campaigns about the benefits of an online presence like the one by #godaddy are changing MSME attitudes and getting them to recognize the value of an effective online presence. Getting MSMEs to Go digital should be a top p

Budget 2019: Access to credit, increased ease of doing business, top demands of tier 2, 3-based MSME

Employing over 60 million people and contributing 45% of industrial output and 40% of the country's exports, #MSMEs are the critical growth driver of the Indian economy. However, in recent times, reeling under subdued market demands for their items (both domestically and internationally), coupled with mounting NPAs, and regulations like the GST and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the sector has largely been sailing in rough waters. #sme #msme #smesector #smes

Small is beautiful

While internet penetration has improved in areas where #MSMEs are most prevalent, many of these businesses are still running in an informal manner without being registered, and thus cannot utilise the latest tech and software solutions that are being offered to registered MSMEs. However, government regulations and changes in policy have forced many MSMEs to join the formal market.

A blueprint for a $5-trillion economy

The goal of making India a $5-trillion economy by 2024-25 is possible only by pushing investment (especially in the private domain), promoting exports, nourishing #MSMES, and ensuring policy consistency. #msme #sme #smesector #budget2019

LinkedIn and Virtual fairs can help Indian MSMEs ramp up their exports

The current export promotion channels used by Indian #MSMEs are outdated and ineffective in their outreach. LinkedIn Promotion and Virtual Fairs may offer more aggressive and direct approach to help capture the current export opportunities due to the current geo-political situation. Mahesh Narayanan Deepti Pant #msme #sme #smesector #exports #linkedin

5 MSME schemes for reviving traditional industries and rural entrepreneurship

Government bodies such as the #MSMEMinistry have been running various schemes to support and grow traditional industries. These schemes range from providing collateral-free credit and access to incubation centres to better equipment and #employment opportunities for #entrepreneurs in various corners of India. hashtag#msme #sme #smesector #msmes

How can Technology help to accelerate SME Success?

#Tech driven MSMEs for a $5 Trillion Economy #MSMEs need to scale up rapidly and enhance their productivity to help Indian economy to scale the $5 trillion mark. #Technology can play a key role in enhancing the contribution of the MSMEs. Here is an overview from the frontlines of #MSME technology adoption. Thank you Harsha Kumar for sharing some valuable insights on MSMEs software needs in your article.

Challenges Indian SME’s Face To Reach The Next Level

Indian #smesector is one of our biggest providers of jobs, from workers to middle management levels. The larger companies have funding to install machinery and automation, which the small scale cannot. Here is an overview of the challenges faced by Indian #SMEs #SME #MSME #msmes