Indian MSMEs Participates in Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece

An Indian delegation led by Minister of State (MoS) for Commerce and Industry, Hardeep Singh Puri participated in the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) in Greece recently. Senior officials and businessmen and prominent Indian entrepreneurs were part of the delegation. India is the honored country at the 84th TIF. New India Pavilion was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the Minister of State for Commerce and Indust

Meet us at The India Fintech Day, by 10,000 Start-ups a #NASSCOM initiative.

We would be delighted to update you on our fintech and financial service initiatives for India's SME community. Please like this post or email us at and we will contact you to set up a meeting. Event: August 29, 2019, at The ITC Hotel Maratha, Mumbai. For details about the event, visit: #IFD2019 #IFDSpeakers #Fintech #SMEs #MSME #10000startups #IFD219 #finance #india #technology

In 2018, technology adoption defined the success of several Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

YES BANK, focuses on the technology adoption segment through a slew of digital innovations like instant OD availability, GST-based lending, etc. With YES SCALE it now extends its Knowledge Banking focus to providing Digital Transformation support to its key MSME partners through curated banking and technology solutions #Msme #Sme #Technology #banking #digitalbanking #yesscale #indianMSME

SME MaXX launches Scheme Finder Tool to bridge the Opportunity Awareness Gap among Indian SMEs

SME MaXX Launches "Scheme Finder" Online Tool SMEs and Start Ups will never miss a Government or a private scheme created for their benefit again! All they need to do is to register with Scheme Finder Tool. Register for the Scheme Finder at: #technology #bankingtrends #smemaxx #smelending #India #smesector #smebanking #exporter

Why HR technology is crucial for growth of SMEs in India

Like every enterprise, the functioning of HR in a SME firm is crucial. Identifying the right talent for the right role is challenging Here's how HR Software Technology can help SMEs solve this problem. #technology #business #sme #smesector

How can Technology help to accelerate SME Success?

#Tech driven MSMEs for a $5 Trillion Economy #MSMEs need to scale up rapidly and enhance their productivity to help Indian economy to scale the $5 trillion mark. #Technology can play a key role in enhancing the contribution of the MSMEs. Here is an overview from the frontlines of #MSME technology adoption. Thank you Harsha Kumar for sharing some valuable insights on MSMEs software needs in your article.

Why SMEs aren’t ready to invest in technology?

Why SMEs aren’t ready to invest in technology? In our experience at SME MaXX, we believe #SMEs aren’t investing in #Technology due to two main reasons. The first reason why SMEs do not invest in technology is that they don’t have adequate knowledge regarding the benefits of using technology for their business. They are unfamiliar with the latest trends in technology and have limited knowledge regarding its usage. The second reason is the cost. SMEs operate with limited capi

How is SME MaXX helping #SMEs find the Right Technology?

How is SME MaXX helping #SMEs find the Right Technology? Though its MaXX Tech platform, SME MaXX is working with SMEs to explain the role of technology and its impact on enhancing productivity. SME MaXX is helping SMEs select the right #technology as per their business needs, sequence the acquisitions as per priority, and ensuring adequate employee training and incentive for technology adoption. SME MaXX also works with a large number of technology providers to offer a rang