Employees are the face of your business and the force behind your success.
Equip them with essential skills to succeed internally and with customers.

Corporate Skills Induction Program for New Hires
  • Covers 25 Essential Corporate Skills Relevant to Your Business

  • Fully Online Learning With Company Related Assignments and Assessments 

  • Co-branded Certifications For Motivation and Loyalty 

Corporate Ready: A 3- month corporate skills induction program for new hires 

Get The Best ROI On Your New Hires by Enroling Them In The Corporate Ready  Program 

Three Months Intensive Training Program In Corporate Skills


When to Join: Enroll your new hires on the first day of  joining your company. 

Mode of Delivery: Fully Online With Optional Offline Additions 

Modules: 4 Compulsory Modules Plus Any One Specialized Skill


Assessments: Assignments, Online and Video Based Assessments


Certification: All Those Who Clear Assessments Receive A Certificate of Accomplishment


Tution: Three Months Program - USD 350 / INR 16,500

Well Trained Employees Are The First Step To Your Business Success

Program Structure and Topics Covered 

Professional training for Corporate Success

Module 1: Introduction To Your Company

1.1. Overview of the sector that your company operates in

1.2. Your company information (As provided by you)

1.3. Introductory Lecture/ Talk by Your CEO/Senior leadership 

1.4. S.O.Ps for new hires (optional)

1.5. Introduction to departments of the company and business overview

1.6. Client or Customer speak (optional)

Professional training for Corporate Success

Module 2Corporate and Business Etiquettes

2.1. Power dressing and personal grooming for workplace success

2.2. Working across cultures and multiple timezones

2.3. Relationship building aptitide for your professional success

2.4. How to use social situations for your corporate success

2.5. Understanding your personality type and coping with differences

2.6. Keeping out of trouble and managing gender relationships

Professional Training for Corporate Success

Module 3: Business Communication and Public Speaking

3.1. Small talk and introductions, getting your elevator pitch right

3.2. Preparing and delivering an impressive presentation

3.3. High Impact buisness writing and email etiquette

3.4. Conducting telecons and developing active listening skills

3.5. Techniques to use body language and voice modulation effectively

Personal Competencies for Corporate Success

Module 4: Personal Competencies for Corporate Success

4.1. Understanding your company's culture and fitting in effectively

4.2. Setting up and attaining goals at work and for your career

4.3. Prioritization and time management for achieving work goals

4.4. Keeping work-life balance and managing stress at the workplace

4.5. Behaviours that establish credibility and build your reputation

Professional Training for Corporate Success

Module 5: Professional Competencies for Corporate Success

5.1. Interpersonal Skills and Collaboration: Working in teams

5.2. Dealing with customers and introduction to selling skills

5.3. A primer on assertiveness and an intro to negotiation skills

5.4. Situational analysis, decision making and problem solving

5.5. The essential leadership skills for every corporate beginner

5.6. Understanding and managing your boss and his/her expectations

Finance, Medical Writing, Sales & Marketing Courses & Many more..

Module 6: Optional Specialty Courses

6.1. Finance for non finance professionals and graduate students

6.2. Fundamentals of medical writing and slide preparation

6.3. Fundamentals of marketing and business development

6.4. Fundamentals of e-commerce and social media management

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