E- Commerce Success 2019 - (B2C Edition)

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    May 2019 I Habitat World, at India Habitat Centre I New Delhi

Its the most important investment you can make today, to make your business
future ready!

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  How to set up a successful e-commerce channel?

   Based on Success Secrets of the most successful e-commerce companies in the world!

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Why E-commerce?

Six reasons why you need to succeed at e-commerce  
There are many reasons why your business needs to be online, not just be online, but be successful online!

e-commerce can no longer be ignored!

e-commerce is no longer a passing trend but a business reality that can't be ignored or contained.

While estimates put the number of retail online shoppers in India at 100 million in 2016, the B2B e-commerce space is growing rapidly as well.

The companies that remain oblivious or chose to ignore the e-commerce market may be losing valuable market share, profitability and growth to their online ready competitors.

Not being online is bad for your business!


The Indian e-commerce market size is projected to be 80bn USD by 2020.


Internet users in India are likely to reach 640 million by 2019.


The estimated number of online shoppers in India is approx 100 million.


SMEs who actively adopt the internet for business report higher revenues compared to those who do not.


SMEs report an increase in the number of customers due to internet presence.


SMEs using ecommerce report a significant reduction on marketing and distribution spend.

Data Source: Impact of ecommerce on SMEs in India, KPMG


Why should you attend?

A day well spent, a business objective achieved!
Join like minded peers, Reflect on your business, Gain a winning edge, Zoom past the competition.

1. CEO Focussed Agenda

We cover issues that matter to CEOs, top management and owners of businesses.

2. Tangible Outcomes

Real analysis and reports, Actionable insights to generate real growth and profitability.

3. Productive For Business

Participate in activities personalized to your business. Take away a plan that works for you.

4. Guaranteed Rewards

Get MaXX Deals card, amazing tools and services to strengthen your business, with our compliments.

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What is the agenda?

Minimum Lectures - Maximum Action 
An action planned agenda with tools, case studies and simulation games. Work on your business and have a lot of fun.

Workshop Highlig​hts

  • More than 10 Evaluation Tools to help you chose
    the right strategy.


  • Case studies to analyze
    real life  issues.


  • Faculty with in depth
    e-commerce domain knowledge and experience
    in India and USA.

Workshop Agenda

The objective is to get you working on your own
e commerce growth story!


You will apply a number of tools, business frameworks and case studies to your business situation and take away deep insights and an action plan for your success! 

Get support to start implementing the action plan from the very next day and enjoy true e commerce success!


10 Am to 12:00 Pm : Fundamentals Check
E-commerce Readiness Check:
Is your business ready for e-commerce?
Complete the e-commerce SWOT analysis.

Selecting the right e-commerce model:
Every business is different, take a test to
identify the model that works for you.

The human element of e-commerce:
Organizational and cultural transformation
required to execute your strategy.


2:30 Pm to 3:45 Pm: Customer Acquisition​
Selling your products to a global audience:
How to use the Make In India Sell In America
(MISA) program to your advantage

Getting visitors to your online store:
How do the most successful e commerce
companies reach and attract traffic.

Converting visitors to customers:
Ten steps you can take to covert website
visitors to paying customers.

Tools & Conflicts

12:15 Pm to 1:45 Pm : Pricing and Tools
Eliminating channel conflict and pricing
issues, managing competition:
How to manage your In-Store and other
conventional channels with e-commerce.

Selecting the right e-commerce software:
What software to use, the best payment
gateways, how to maximize your reach.

Merchandising and logistics
Comparision of the top 5 portals, and how to
allocate merchandise to them.

Profits & Scale Up 

4:00 Pm to 5:30 Pm : Scaling Up and Profits
Online partnering to drive growth:
Creating and managing an affiliate network to
drive profitable growth.

Strategies for enhancing sales and profits
on Amazon and Flipkart

Insider secrets for success that ecommerce
portals will never share with you.

Tools and Connections:
Get powerful tools and connect with partners
who can help you succeed

Who should attend?

An $80bn market, 640mn customers! Interested?   
e-commerce in India is on an unprecedented growth path. Don't miss out. Secure your gains from the amazing opportunity. 

Industries that will benefit the most from this workshop:

IT Products

Textiles and furnishings

Apparel and accessories

Leather goods

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F&B/Agro products

Health and medical/ OTC

Gifts and crafts

Any B2C product or service

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Majority of the participants of this workshop are:

  • Business Owners

  • CEO/ Directors/ CXOs

  • Department Head

Stage of the company:

  • Has an existing e-commerce channel

  • Planning to launch e-commerce in 6 months

Workshop Venue

A great location, the right mix of attendees and additional rewards means
you get real value for money and time

E-commerce Success 2019

Deck Suite. Habitat World, 
India Habitat Centre, 
Lodhi Road. New Delhi-110003
Paid Parking available nearby.

Limited seats: Register now to secure your place

Registration Fees: Rs.3000 (plus taxes). Early bird offer till April 2019: 20% discount 
email: achintya.kumar@smemaxx.com

Workshop helpline Call :+91 951 511 8862. WhatsApp: +91 951 511 8862

Register Now: Secure Your Place 

No Need To Pay Now! We will connect with you to complete the registration 
Workshop helpline Call :+91 951 511 8862. WhatsApp: +91 951 511 8862