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Angel Investment

Angel investors are individuals who seek to invest at the early stages of startups. These types of investments are risky and usually do not  represent more than 10% of the angel investor's portfolio.

The funds that angel investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business get off the ground or an ongoing injection to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages. 


Angel investments that work out successful usually return far greater returns to early investors than any other class of investment. Apart from the financial returns, Angels also have the satisfaction of bringing to life a business that creates a positive contribution to the society. Angel investments in India usually range from 5 lakhs to 5 crores.


It is generally recommended that Angel investments be made as a part of a network or syndicate to benefit from common due diligence and ongoing supervision. You can start making investments in startups by joining any of our angel network partners.

Venture Capital Investment

Venture capital is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential.

Venture Capital stage comes right after Angel Investment. You can invest amount in funds of our affiliated Venture Capital to become a Limited Partner.


General Partners are the people who run a PE/Venture Capital Firm and Limited Partners are the entities that provide money/capital to these PE/Venture Capital Firms.  

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