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Powering The Nation's Growth Through SME Success

What we do impacts 50 million SMEs in India and the millions of their owners and employees.

A one stop shop for SME Success

SME MaXX is a group buying and SAAS platform for small and medium sized businesses. 


We help SME owners and their employees get a better deal on personal and business purchases, and provide services that enhance productivity and success.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are driving engine for any nation’s economy. Their success rate, however, is low due to a number of problems, such as limited capital and knowledge, ineffective marketing strategy, constraints on scalability, unavailability of quality talent at affordable prices, lack of knowledge on modern tools and technology, lack of budget for employee training, lack of required connections etc.

SME MaXX offers FinTech, InsureTech and HRTech solutions to the most common challenges faced by small businesses.  It serves as a success maximization partner and a one stop shop for SMEs, which provides 360 degree support and empowers them to maximize productivity and success.


What do we do?

Following solutions are carefully designed understanding the wide spread needs of SMEs

1. Training and Technology tools

All the skills, Knowledge Needs Analysis, tools and expert help SMEs need to become successful. It helps grow their business and retain team.


2. Member deals

Collectively small companies can bargain just as efficiently as the large companies. This principle enables SMEMAXX to provide best product deals for everything SMEs need, helping them reduce expenses and save time.


3. Success Connections

Success in business depends largely on right connections. SME MaXX connects businesses with lenders, customers, vendors, potential employees and with other businesses, growing their network and reach. Additionally SMEs get access to database of students and corporate professionals enrolled at in-house corporate training programs of SME MaXX.


4. Helpdesk

Helpdesk is a complimentary service, which provides expert advice on marketing, legal, financial and technology aspects for SMEs and their employees.


SMEMaXX works on unique model of roping in corporate sponsors and advertisers to defray partially or fully the cost of its offerings. While sponsors get to connect with a well defined audience for their products, SME members benefit from variety of solutions at a low cost. A win-win situation for both.