About Us

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are driving engine for any nation’s economy. At SME MaXX, Founder’s goal is to help SMEs save their cost upto 10% and indirectly play a part in nation’s growth.

SME MaXX is a Virtual Procurement Organization for SMEs. We provide expert analysis on their expense sheet and draws conclusion on where and how SMEs can save money to increase their profit. Based on the insights we receive from our experts we decide head of expenses where we will save money and take necessary action.

SME's just have to sign up with us for free and provide necessary details to go ahead. Every company has a different needs and different expense structure. We have more than 200+ tie ups just to find saving opportunities.  


We are different from traditional procurement companies. While main focus of procurement companies is to save on input costs, our expertise is to save on indirect costs. Some of the heads where we help them save money is Interest, Marketing, Insurance, IT (Software and Hardware), Monthly utilities like stationery, tea & coffee and many more.